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The Portrait Machine Project

Carlo van de Roer has spent the last several years photographing people with an aura camera. Developed in the 1970′s by an American scientist, the attempt is to record what a psychic might see. The subject is connected to the modified Polaroid Land camera by sensors measuring electromagnetic biofeedback. Readings are generated, which are translated into a [...]

Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn-bred novelist, artist and philosopher Henry Miller was likewise disparaged and lauded for his alternative moral code. Judgments to which he responded, in his 1934 novel Tropic of Capricorn, “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” In his attempt to “live,” Miller [...]

Get Out of the House

So, if you live in New York City at this point you are most likely going stir-crazy. As the greatest city on earth (in my humble opinion) undertakes the arduous task of righting itself, here is an event that will both get you out of the house and help you participate in relief efforts. It’s [...]

To The Past

The work of Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan’s most prolific photographer, consistently pushes the boundaries of his medium to portray the beauty, humor and complexity that he sees through his camera—both in the compulsive documentation of his daily life and in his famous portraits of women, nearly always erotic, oscillating between amusing and disturbing. A new book [...]

Fendi Bag + A Bad Attitude

For the 15th anniversary of what many call the first it-bag ever, Fendi teamed up with Maxfield LA to launch the self-explanatory “Baguettemania.” Three artists- Chaz Bojorquez, Kenny Scharf, and Pae White were chosen to create special limited edition baguettes for the event, that will be added to the insanely long list of Fendi collabs [...]

Ben Pier’s Teenage Teeth

Ben Pier is a photographer who captures moments of youth and portraits of the young at heart in his recently published collection TEENAGE TEETH. Shot over the past decade, Ben’s photographs are an honest ode to sloppy ink jobs, to being drunk and crushing, to bedrooms that feel like fish tanks and that weird girl [...]

Night and Day

David Armstrong’s new book with Morel Books, Night & Day, is put together from Kodachrome slides he shot in downtown New York in the late 70′s and early 80′s. I first saw these slides when we were putting together a portfolio of this work for the first issue of Dossier. They’re dark, flashy, a little [...]

Yael Malka and Cait Oppermann

Cait Oppermann and Yael Malka are recent graduates of Pratt, having studied photography there. Yael also happens to be a former long-term Dossier intern. They are now preparing for a two-month long trip across Europe, Turkey and Morocco starting in July, where they will be working on a book of photography and text documenting their [...]

In Conversation With Jacopo Benassi and Kubiat Nnamdie

On May 4, a series of books by the Italian photographer Jacopo Benassi were showcased at The Milan Image Art Fair. Among the featured work were the set of photos, The Ecology of Image, and two collaborative works with Kubiat Nnamdie and Pete Voelker titled LaSpezia is Not Miami/ Miami is not LaSpezia and LaSpezia [...]

D4D and OHWOW Present The Pocket Guide to Politics

With campaigning for the 2012 general election well under way, Downtown for Democracy, the political action committee established during the 2004 elections, is back. Aimed at motivating and engaging the creative community to political action, the organization has begun this cycle’s crusade with the publication of a 75-page civics primer. D4D and OHWOW Present: The [...]