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It’s a Friends, Friends of Friends, and Family Affair

Starting September 21 (today), founders and fellow up-staters, Jon Santos of Common Space Studio and artist Peter Coffin, will host an experiential three-day event at Camp Lakota, in Wurtsboro, NY. Usually a sleep-away summer camp for kids, Camp Lakota’s slogan is,”Where Friendships Begin!” and there is no doubt many adult ones will be forged while participating in the creative, educational, and gastronomical [...]

Snoop Lion

I’ve had a soft spot for Snoop Dogg ever since my sister and I met him and Tha Dogg Pound at the Carlton Hotel. I was a minor, she was only slightly older. We rode the elevator with them and realized we were getting off on the same floor, and they invited us to play [...]

Luck You Workshop

Last summer the New York based creative collective Luck You hosted a series of weekly workshops at Colette in Paris. Subjects ranged from silkscreening to lo-fi music composition, wheatpasting, and zines. This Saturday they will reintroduce the zine workshop at their Chinatown studio from. Materials are provided, but participants can bring any supplies they want. There are [...]

The Pass It On Project

The Pass It On Project is a documentary film by Melissa Nicolardi and Kalim Armstrong about education, race, and the relevance of the Civil Rights movement in America today. A three-year labor of love, it is finally being screened this weekend through Filmwax. There will also be a Q&A with the featured students, teachers, and filmmakers. [...]

Music and Murals

Jess Rotter is an illustrator who lives in Brooklyn. Not only does she run a successful t-shirt line, producing shirts with her own illustrations based on vintage record covers, but she is also the head of publicity at the music label Mexican Summer. Through her job, she travels to shows and music festivals around the [...]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last week I found myself celebrating the Swedish Midsummer with friends in The Yard at Soho Grand, where Kanon Organic Vodka hosted a party. Though the idea of Midsummer always sounded so romantic to me – think wildflower wreathes, folk costumes, eating, drinking, and dancing in high heat- I never knew what a big deal [...]

The Eighties At Echo Beach

I’m sure the heat has something to do with it, but it seems like everyone’s thinking, talking, and doing the surf thing these days. Nike 6.0 just released their all-women’s surf film, Leave a Message, available for streaming and as a free download on their website. Saturdays, the Crosby St. surf shop, had their t-shirts [...]

Converse Summer Kick-Off

A few weeks ago, I was in Portland. Upon my return to New York, the rainy weather left me feeling like I never left the Pacific Northwest – and I don’t mean that in a good way. Luckily, the rain forecast for this Tuesday never happened, and the sun came out just in time for Converse’s Summer Kick-Off [...]

PJ Harvey at Terminal 5

PJ Harvey performed at Terminal 5 in New York last night. I really dislike that venue so much I’ve pretty much stopped seeing shows there, but my friend Bill convinced me to go by reminding me how special her new album, Let England Shake, is. It was kind of a no-brainer after that, and I’m so [...]

Surf n Turf

Living in the present, yet looking towards the future is the way I like to live -especially if we’re hitting April, and it’s still freezing out. To put it simply: It’s been a long, harsh winter, and I can’t stay inside, curled up on the couch, watching movies any longer, so when someone invites me [...]