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Roman Grandinetti In Conversation

It’s understood by now that digital technology, for all the distance and disconnect it can create, has generally done just the opposite: bridging societal gaps, reviving and revitalizing analog technology, and—ultimately—fostering a broad worldwide connectedness. Creative agency CNNCTD, and their project CNNCTD+100, might be one of the best contemporary examples of that kind of experience. [...]

Raneytown, USA

New York artist Rebeca Raney believes in the powers of both childlike cuteness and narrative-style storytelling. Combined, the two elements make Raneytown, a vibrant, wondrously sweet world of her ink and gouache drawings and the sculptural, 3D renderings of those drawn characters come to life. Premiering at Miami-based project room Primary Projects—which has never not [...]

Lizzi Bougatsos in Conversation

There are few people for whom it is safe to employ the cliché, “She needs no introduction.” Lizzi Bougatsos—visual artist, Gang Gang Dance frontwoman, I.U.D. drummer and charmingly gentle weirdo—is one of them. Back in 2008, when Aaron Bondaroff’s show My Life in T-Shirts opened at Terrence Koh’s now defunct Asia Song Society, she was [...]

I Just Wanna Be As Pretty As I Feel

Whether viewed digitally or on paper, Mario Zoots’ collages have a similar effect: They are initially perplexing, then mesmerizing. Deeply interested in the implicit language and complexity of image, Mario challenges these inherent visual systems, and our resulting interpretation, via his surreal re-rendering of them. He acts as magician, manipulating pop and contemporary culture into [...]

Adan Jodorowsky In Conversation

While Adan Jodorowsky’s name is instantly recognizable due to the cult status of his father—the great Alejandro—Adan’s success is not the result of nepotism. His work has its own distinctly unsubtle weirdness: powerful, turbulent and brimming with ideas as beautiful as they are ugly, concepts as dark as they are seemingly born from a fairy [...]

Steven A. Clark In Conversation

When singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark released the nine-song Stripes EP, it found an immediate niche, a spot on an invisible shelf in between Frank Ocean and The Weekend, to whom he was immediately compared. Future R&B (nu-R&B?) has, of late, been characterized by an extraordinarily ambient sound, lyrical soul-baring, and what seems to be the [...]

Other Travel In Conversation

Other Travel is a Kickstarter-funded project by artists Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani. A collaborative piece at its core, Other Travel is based on the idea that there is another dimension mirroring ours—the Other World—in which exists each human’s corresponding “Other.” Hayden and Meriem act as mediums between our world and the Other World, delivering [...]

Space Ghost Purrp

SpaceGhostPurrp’s rhymes and self-produced beats are rich and mirage-inducing, like the purp in his name; They seem born of a slow, druggy magic. The reality is that SpaceGhostPurrp, birth name Markese (not Muney Jordan, pronounced “Money” Jordan, the name of his first rap project), was born in 1991 and grew up with the sort of [...]

Donna Huanca In Conversation

Chicago-born artist Donna Huanca’s installation, Panic Fear Crying Fits, is on display at Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, where she is currently living and working. She’s particularly nomadic, her travels informing her pieces, and the nature of her work is expansive in scope—her 2008 installation, The Secret Museum of Mankind in Austin, Texas, featured live [...]

In Conversation With Jacopo Benassi and Kubiat Nnamdie

On May 4, a series of books by the Italian photographer Jacopo Benassi were showcased at The Milan Image Art Fair. Among the featured work were the set of photos, The Ecology of Image, and two collaborative works with Kubiat Nnamdie and Pete Voelker titled LaSpezia is Not Miami/ Miami is not LaSpezia and LaSpezia [...]