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Patti Smith: Icon Four Ways

Patti Smith seems to be everywhere these days. She’s got a new book Just Kids, an upcoming tour, and just opened an exhibition of drawings, photographs and personal things: Patti Smith and Steven Sebring: Objects of Life. There were some great faces in Chelsea’s Robert Smith Gallery during the opening night: Michael Stipe turned up [...]

When the Book Becomes Art Itself: Ari Marcopoulos

Another day, another Ari Marcopoulos book. The epic photographer of emotive portraiture, who has been around for a number of years, has put together a new book – or has he? More a catalogue than an actual book, it is compiled to coincide with the exhibition Ari Marcopoulos: Within Arm’s Reach, at the Berkeley Art [...]

Paradis: Juergen Teller, Art and Fashion in the Louvre

If you haven’t seen the Paradis exhibition at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, maybe you should. Not because it’s good, but because it’s Juergen Teller. Who could clarify which fashion shoots make it into magazines and which into gallery spaces? Juergen Teller’s Paradis, a story of two naked women of different ages in the Louvre, does the [...]

Kehinde Wiley: Art or Urban Outfitter?

The fall is here, you can tell that from the amount of people who gathered around Deitch galleries in Soho Thursday night for the opening of Kehinde Wiley‘s new exhibition, Black Light. First impressions of Wiley’s works vary wildly. Wiley has been enormously successful since graduating with his Masters from Yale in 2001, and yet [...]

Freeman+Lowe: Meth lab in the middle of SoHo

You’ve probably been to Deitch Projects Gallery in Soho before, but you might not recognize the place this time. Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe combined their creative powers to create Black Acid Co-Op – a meth den, Chinese herbal shop and a Native American conservation site in the gallery space. Actually, there is more. The [...]

Destroy All Monsters at Printed Matter

Every time I get to go to Printed Matter, I feel like I’m in a different world: the world of fanzines, self publishing and DIY culture where casual to crazy ideas are born through paper pages. At the ”Destroy All The Monsters” exhibition, it felt like all the zine-making, weird picture taking and music playing punks united over [...]

Poppy de Villeneuve at the Soho Grand

What do music fans think about?

(super)natural at the New York Photo Festival

At the New York Photo Festival in Dumbo, portraits of nature at the (super)natural exhibition stood out in a sea of fashionable faces and provocative angles. Curated by the collective LUCI, (super)natural takes you to the quiet world of earthly environments largely devoid of a human presence. And that might be the best thing about [...]

Long Live Dead Polaroid!

The death of Polaroid made a lot of fashion editors, photographers and instant picture lovers (author included) miserable. 12 Instances, a group exhibition of Polaroid works at Heist Gallery, glances with nostalgia at the farewell world of instant snaps. Curated by artist Molly Surno, 12 Instances comprises random self-portraits, night visions, interpretations of other people’s [...]

C.H.U.D.Z. at Cinders Gallery

If there’s an opening at Williamsburg’s Cinders gallery, be prepared for some cute stuff. The works collected here usually have a crafty, airy feel about them, and the latest exhibition–comprised of collages, drawings and paintings by Alex Barry, Richard Colman and Josh Slater–is no exception. The three artists are pals whose work is inspired by [...]