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Katherine Krause is the Editorial Director of Dossier Journal.

Ariel Pink Takes Over

Like many people, I first discovered Ariel Pink when he was self-producing albums from his bedroom in Los Angeles reminiscent of the great lo-fi king R. Stevie Moore. I never would have imagined that a few years later, his infectious sound- a mix of pop music and drum sounds made with his mouth- would be [...]

Work it Out

This is Brooklyn-based band Workout‘s newest video from their album Life is a Nightmare. Directed by Dossier contributor Josh Slater, the video sees the band on a cosmic journey from the beginning of time to the end of days. I particularly love the NASA footage from the 80′s.

Louis W. for A.P.C.

For his second collaboration with A.P.C., designer Louis Wong is out to re-invent the classic American leather jacket. With references such as the iconic jacket worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, (or even the jacket Matthew Broderick wore in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) Louis aims to de-throne the now ubiquitous rock-n-roll black leather jacket [...]

Mr. Clean

This was published last year but I was re-reading it again today and it just made me laugh so hard. Especially because I have been known to listen to pop music in my kitchen at times. I also just love the line about spoons. What is that even about? Anyway, in case you missed it, [...]

Throwing Stones

For the Venice Biennale, actress Milla Jojovich teamed up with the artist Tara Subkoff to create a performance piece based around our ideas of capitalism and extreme consumer culture. For six hours each day Milla lived in a glass house outfitted with only a computer, tablet and a smartphone. During the piece she communicated with [...]

Thug Life

Confession: I read quite a few vegan/health-oriented food blogs. Most of them are written by young, beautiful women who talk about making Kimchi from scratch when you happen to find yourself with ten minutes and some extra cabbage. The photography on these websites is typically stunning, with perfect plates arranged on vintage linens or thick [...]

American Pie

This is such a weird, thoroughly American story. In 1962, modernist architect Richard Neutra designed a visitors’ center for the Gettysburg site, where the Civil War’s most infamous battle was fought – and many say the war was won. The entire area is a major tourist attraction, with hundreds of historical buildings, including a working [...]

Eyes Wide Wider

We at Dossier are very pleased to premiere the music video Eyes Wide Wider (Baleriac Edit) by the band Tempers, here for you on Valentine’s Day. This video also signals the directorial debut for our friend Kalika Farmer, well-known for her work with the contemporary arts festival New/Age held once a year in the Berkshires. [...]

Born in The U.S.A

When most native New Yorkers leave New York City for a considerably smaller midwestern city, you think that either they will live a quiet, simple life planting gardens and such, or they will just move back. A few years ago, when Kat McMillan and her husband Mac (a Minnesota native) left their Soho apartment and [...]

Brave New World

Do you know the difference between a niche celebrity and a micro-celebrity? Do you even know what either one is? Sarah Austin, a niche celebrity herself, took to the streets of Manhattan recently to ask people if they knew the distinctions, with not much success. Most of the people she asked didn’t seem to know [...]