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Joshua Glass is in his early twenties and likes to
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Now On View: Norwood and Underline Present

The dialogue between man and the space he inhabits is not a new one. It’s been a source of artistic tension and social critique since, well, the awareness of the relationship first occurred. While on a personal level, the archetypally-charged theme seems very middle school English reading list, it does pose relevant when you take [...]

New in Stock in Stock Photography

For the last three weeks post-internet fashion mag DIS has camped out in art-world-baby Suzanne Geiss Company’s downtown gallery. The collob between the former, a mix of well to do fashion names (Patrik Sandberg, David Toro, Solomon Chase) and hipster artists (Fatima Al Qadiri, Nick Scholl) and Geiss’s company, trendy in its own right, has [...]

Euromen In Real Life

The street style trend is something I always tend to think about in quotation marks. I just don’t, you know, “get” it. The very idea that some random body in an expensive number walking down the street should be regarded as some sort of influencer is a little too Warholian-utilitarian for me. At the same, [...]

NotEqual In Conversation

If you’re like me (and according to my mom, you’re not), then your interest in fashion is only superseded by a crushing obsession with reality TV. Sometimes these areas overlap and it’s awesome (Tyra Banks), and other times it’s the worst (again, Tyra Banks). Project Runway falls somewhere in the middle of these two, which [...]


I first discovered Telfar Clemens, the 28 year old Liberian-raised, New York-bred fashion designer, online. Clemens launched his eponymously titled brand, Telfar, in 2005 as a progressive attempt to deconstruct traditionalism in fashion, specifically targeting commercialism and brand dissemination. Since then he has pushed out sixteen collections (two ironically under an American Apparel diffusion line, [...]