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Jeff Kinkle is a theorist based in London. He is a co-editor at the recently started press Andperseand and his first book, Cartographies of the Absolute, co-authored with Alberto Toscano, will be out in 2010.

The Living Ruins of the Uranian Phalanstery

The current vogue for “ruin porn” – the sensationalized and aestheticized images of dereliction and decay – was on our minds when Salome Oggenfuss and I visited the Uranian Phalanstery on a hot and humid day last September. Salome had heard from a colleague about two decrepit old interconnected brownstones on East 4th St, between [...]

Earthquake in Haiti

Tens of thousands are feared dead after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake, with its epicenter just outside Port-au-Prince, rocked Haiti last night.  Anyone interested in donating money to the relief effort might look into Partners in Health, a smaller organization based primarily in Haiti that has been highly recommended by Peter Hallward, author of the excellent [...]

Behind Closed Doors at the Climate Summit

The Guardian website today posted a must-read article by the climate-change activist and journalist Mark Lynas on the behind the scenes wrangling over the climate deal, or lack thereof, in Copenhagen – How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room. Highly recommended.

Miike Snow – “Silvia”

John Cassavetes, Hollywood, 1965

From the 1968 documentary Cineaste de notre temps. Thanks Lucy for the link.

Going Rogue Digested

Yesterday the John Crace’s weekly Digested Read section in the Guardian featured Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue: An American Life.  It’s perfect for those who neither want to pay for the book or actually go through the ordeal of reading it.

Washington Post Fail

On Thursday the Washington Post was forced to print a correction after an article claimed Public Enemy had claimed 9/11 was a joke.

Burzum – Dunkelheit

Waking up on a grey December morning in Scandinavia…

Best Films of the Noughties

They might be a month too early but the Toronto International Film Festival Cinematheque has just released a list of the best films of the 2000s as chosen by a survey of film curators, festival programers, and historians.  Top of the list is the Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Syndromes and a Century, followed by two films [...]

New Salem mix

We Make It Good and The FADER present the latest installment of their We Make It Good Mix Series with a mix by Salem. It features their Gucci Mane remix, which has been floating around, oOoOoo, Twista, The Beach Boys and more. Thanks Oscar Carlson.