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Erin Kelleher is a writer, actress, and musician based in Los Angeles, California. She received her B.A. in English, creative writing, and film from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she is currently working on an M.F.A. in fiction. Her prose and poetry have appeared in various publications including Barrow Street and Ellipsis, and she has written features for SLUG Magazine and MilkMade. When not working in L.A., she travels frequently. She is a contributing writer for Dossier Journal.

This is The End

Salt Lake City gets a bad rap. Weak beer, guns galore, Brigham Young and his many wives – you’ve heard the reports. Still, it’s a place that tends to produce some very interesting and talented people. I met Cody Comrie in the summer of 2008, and he introduced me to his brother Michael Comrie soon [...]

Vladimir Kulenovic In Conversation

Originally from the region of Yugoslavia that is now Serbia, Vladimir Kulenovic considers himself to be both a Bosnian and a Croatian. He still calls himself a Yugoslavian, because that was his country. During a tumultuous time in a volatile region, Vladimir left the country with his family at the age of twelve, after his father [...]

In Conversation with Ana Lola Roman

Ana Lola Roman is a songstress, but don’t call her a singer. She is a songwriter, but she doesn’t compose ballads. She isn’t concerned with buying infamy; she would like to earn her fame. Her music may be difficult to describe. She is the first to admit it—in fact, she embraces it. The dystopian qualities [...]