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Erik Hartin is a graphic designer and martial arts enthusiast based in London.

As is the custom with Latino teenagers, one is holding a giant walnut.

While swimming through the tubes yesterday, I stubled upon Keith Schofield‘s treatment forĀ Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck’sĀ ”Heaven Can Wait”. The treatment has very little to do with the actual result, which I find beautiful, and not only because Charlotte Gainsbourg is Jesus to me (evident, what with the bloodline and all). It’s rare for a director [...]

Chirayliq, Handsome Central European Men, and the Red Army Choir

While indulging in one of my random-hyperlink-clicking sessions this morning, I came across this videoclip of the Red Army Choir performing The Song of the Volga Boatmen. Since I own one album of the Choir performing in Paris in 1968, and house a childish fascination of Slav pop culture and aesthetics, my interest quickly turned [...]