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Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon at the Anthology in San Diego

I thought I was going to see Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon make weird psycho-ambient music together. Instead what I got was a similar ensemble to Gallo’s former band RRIICCEE, followed by Sean Lennon crooning away with his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl as The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger. All the same, totally worth [...]

Harmony Korine Collected Fanzines

Two years ago I layed gloved hands upon a copy of Harmony Korine‘s Humor zine at the special collections library. This was one of several limited edition fanzines Korine made (sometimes in collaboration with Mark Gonzales) during the 90s, through the Alleged Gallery and Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York. On November 18th, the gloves [...]

Hurricane Grace (Jones)

After 19 years, the self-proclaimed “Queen Bitch Jungle Mother of Jew York,” Grace Jones herself, is back. Following her return to the stage at this year’s Meltdown Festival in London, Jones released Hurricane, featuring an all-star production team led by Ivor Guest, including Brian Eno, Tricky and Sly & Robbie. Unfortunately, she won’t Grace us [...]

The Lana Show

Who knew the supply closet at The Directors Bureau could produce a talk show as fun as the Lana Show? Host Lana Kim conducts quirky interviews with rad bands — No Age, Ratatat, Born Ruffians, etc. — interspersed with music videos. The best part is that after watching the show, you can hop over to [...]

Visual Poets: Yukio Mishima & Jean Genet

Both Jean Genet and Japanese author Yukio Mishima rejected the dominance of words in their only films — Un Chant d’Amour and Yukoku (Patriotism), or The Rite of Love and Death — both just released on DVD this year. Omitting dialog, the films depend purely on gesture to express sexuality, desire, repression and escape, and [...]

Paradise Now on Earth

“As long as you have people working for money and not love, there will be violence.” In light of current events, I believe this message from the Living Theater‘s Paradise Now carries some weight. Released on DVD earlier this year by Arthur Magazine, this 1968 performance has been on my mind. Perhaps I have been [...]

Nagi Noda & the General Idea

Nagi Noda, the talented Japanese artist/designer/director of groundbreaking shorts and spots, passed away last Sunday, September 7. She was 35. Noda was best known for her short film Mariko Takahashi’s Fitness Video for Being Appraised as an “Ex-fat Girl,” which reminds me of the artist collective General Idea and their video Shut the Fuck Up [...]