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Caris Reid is an artist living in New York. She began writing for
Dossier during a residency in Berlin and has continued writing since moving back to New York. Her paintings can be seen at

Alice Neel at David Zwirner

Let me be personal for a moment, and outline my words in blue. Putting aside all romantic tendencies, I want to reveal, if only briefly, the veins and broken skin, inspired by a woman who spent her whole painting career accentuating them. Being, or attempting to be, an artist, has been much harder than I [...]

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

This Thursday, May 17, come view video art by the shape-shifting ladies of Symbols + Rituals, listen to music by 51717, and stare wistfully at all the beautiful objects and clothes at Maryam Nassir Zadeh. The event will be at the store at 123 Norfolk St., NYC, from 8 – 11 pm, with a live [...]

Pati Hertling Presents Mary Beth Edelson

Curator Pati Hertling is best known for her cyclical curatatorial project Evas Arche und der Feminist, started in Berlin and continuted here in New York at Gavin Brown Enterprise, and her 2009 show Modern Modern at the Chelsea Art Museum. We invited Pati to contribute as a guest blogger and she, along with photographer Emily [...]

New Blood Orange Video

Director Alan Del Rio Ortiz has once again paired up with Dev Heynes from Blood Orange to create a  music video of a clandestine world most of us will never brush up against. Shot on Super 8 film, Alan worked with choreographer Lily Baldwin (the dancer in the red and black jacket) and a mix [...]

Mirror Mirror, Interiors

In their newest video, Interiors, Mirror Mirror cast Rumi Missabu, legendary member of the 60′s psychedelic drag troupe The Cockettes, as their hermetic heroine. Dressed in a stark black dress designed by Lauren Devine,  with metallic cones extending from each of his fingers, Rumi slinks around a white abyss mouthing lyrics about reclusiveness. The effect of [...]

3,348 Hours of Sunshine

3,348 Hours of Sunshine, an exhibition featuring the work of eight LA artists – Dan Finsel, Sanya Kantarovsky, Alex Klein, D’Ette Nogle, Chadwick Rantanen, David Snyder, Miller Updegraff, and Aaron Wrinkle – opens today, March 19 from 3-7pm at Clifton Benevento, 515 Broadway, NY. The exhibition runs through April 23. Above image: video still from [...]

Nothing Ever Touches

To touch without touching, according to physics, is the only sort of touching we know. On February 28 and March 3, The Wallis Gallery and Rassa Montaser present Nothing Ever Touches a poetic miming of this paradox, curated by Ross McNicol. The exhibition, which is divided into two parts, features the work of Eloise Fornieles, [...]

Gone/Gone Beyond/Gone Beyond Beyond

Artist and curator Tony Cox presents a playful and crude showing of work by Joe Roberts and Derrick Snodgrass at the Fuse Gallery, 93 2nd Ave. # A, NYC. The show opens tonight, January 8, and runs through January 25.

Hans Ulrich Obrist: Interviews, Volume 2

Artbook and MoMA Ps1 recently launched the much anticipated Interviews, Volume 2 by famed interviewer Hans Ulrich Obrist. With its sleek silver microphones starkly set against white, the cover looks like the art world cousin of Phaidon’s Silver Spoon cookbook. Both have minimalist covers that belie their extensive, almost encyclopedic content. His interview project, which began [...]

Automobile by Gospel Music

Alan Del Rio Ortiz recently directed a light enfused Super 8 video called Automobile for Gospel Music that has me missing summer. Camera Obscura’s Trayanne Campbell sings some of the vocals. I got to know Alan while working with him for last June, and I really admire his precision in capturing whimsy – like [...]