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Papa Frenchie

Papa Frenchie is an iron lord. He knows very well the size of his dreams and wears tailor made actions. Puerto Rican by blood, he grew up in Williamsburg where he spent most of his youth as a professional wrestler during the 50’s. After suffering a severe injury, he became a referee for historical competitions [...]

Jeffrey Lewis

Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey Lewis leads a double-life, as both an illustrator and a singer songwriter. Both his music and comics are permeated by earnest storytelling and often self-depreciating confessions of his many adventures in the world, from heartbreaks to homeless nights on tour. In his self-published comic book series “Fuff” he [...]

Jonas à La Carte

It was the evening when Venus and Jupiter were perfectly aligned and reached its closest point to the human eye. I was getting ready for dinner with the “godfather” of American avant-garde cinema – Jonas Mekas. Filmmaker, poet and curator, Mekas is a living monument. He fled his native Lithuania at age 22, trying to [...]