Jules de Balincourt at STAGES

Jules de Balincourt – Not Yet Titled (2007) Courtesy of Zack Feuer Gallery

The first time I saw Jules de Balincourt’s Not Yet Titled at the Brooklyn Museum, I thought the landscape must be what heaven looked like — a towering turquoise 2-D waterfall, spraying tiny white birds and diminutive boaters in the foreground. The artist, however, sees trouble in paradise: “there’s tension and vulnerability between the little people and the big waterfall.”

In his painting Healing to Die You, now on display at Lance Armstrong’s STAGES benefit, squiggly rays and pixilated blocks burst from a single point, also conveying the simultaneous strength and fragility of our nature.

Standing in front of that painting today at Deitch Projects, de Balincourt revealed he’s experimenting with less representational work these days, preparing for his next show at Zach Feuer Gallery.


“I’m trying to tap into something more metaphysical, transcendental — as cheesy as that sounds.” It didn’t sound that cheesy in a room of artwork to benefit, and in some cases, convey, the fight against cancer. Working abstractly, said de Balincourt, “comes purely from intuition. You don’t know where you’re going.”

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  1. Kian & Joel
    Posted December 25, 2009 at 10:42 am | Permalink

    Hi Jules
    We love it!
    Where is that waterfall exactly?
    The beaches look fabulous too.
    Come visit soon.
    Kian & Joel

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