Introducing Ryan McNamara

Artist Ryan McNamara has recently joined Elizabeth Dee gallery. When asked to put together a show introducing himself- he did literally just that. For the next three days you can go and spend time with Ryan while he takes you on a visual and narrative tour through his life and maturation as an artist. I spent an hour with Ryan while he told me his life story through childhood snapshots and then through his art projects starting with early black and white photo 101 style prints to his current performances like the recent Whitney Houston Biennial at The Whitney Biennial. The show is self-indulgently about him, however including all the awkward remnants and visual history of his personal and artistic development that aren’t so Chelsea glamorous and activating them by narration and dialog with his visitors he contributes to the demystification of the artist.

He will be at the gallery through this Saturday between 2-8. You can also join in Saturday night from 6-8 for movie night, popcorn included!

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  1. Ryan McNamara
    Posted November 28, 2011 at 11:12 pm | Permalink

    my name to, is ryan mcnamara

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