I’m on the Internets

I think this post has more links than any other post I’ve done before, especially since it is all about one person with a lot of websites. Conceptual artist Rafael Rozendaal is famous for making websites into art. He buys sites and creates permanent spaces for his art to live in. Each has a different trick or image: some have sound, some make your curser disappear, some use Youtube, some employ Facebook and some are just a green screen. Honestly, it is a really fun way to waste some time to check them all out. Also, apparently Rafael is obsessive about the amount of hits he gets, and that makes me feel like my visit matters. When his pieces are bought by collectors, their name is added to the website. I’m not sure how this works, but if you are curious there is a document advising people how to sell art-websites, on yet another one of Rafael’s many websites. I was going to post the link, but honestly I lost it and couldn’t find it again amidst the fray. This week his first book was released, aptly titled Domain Names, 2001-2010 which is a catalog of all the names of the websites he has created so far. Some of them include: GoodbyeFarewell.com FlamingLog.comLeDuchamp.comYesForSure.com,ThePersistenceOfSadness.com, BurningCigarette.comBurningMyTime.comJelloTime.com

He also designs iPhone apps, posts playlists and has a blog where he asks people only one question. In addition to all this comes the obvious Facebook and Twitter applications, but Rafael also has a special Twitter that is an obsessively detailed list of every single thing he puts in his mouth (He enjoys muesli and marmalade. Not together.). Speaking of his mouth, I personally know two people that have the names of their hometowns tattooed on the inside of their lower lip – where Rafael has the word “internet.”


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