Exhibition A

Exhibition A is a recently launched website for art editions. Created by Bill Powers (of Half-Gallery), Cynthia Rowley, Laura Martin and Gabby Munoz, it offers limited-edition works by artists you will have probably heard of even if you aren’t an art geek – the first set of offerings are by Richard Phillips, Hanna Liden and Mark Borthwick. All the works are priced between $100-500, and some are offered in traditionally numbered limited editions, while others are offered as an open edition for a limited amount of time. Select editions will also be available at the Gagosian Shop. I am a big fan of art that I can actually afford, so my main challenge will probably be to not buy all the editions they offer. The three editions up there now are physically very big, so it could become a real problem.

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  1. Graygray
    Posted August 16, 2011 at 2:13 pm | Permalink

    Exhibition A is such a scam – you get better production quality prints from IKEA and much better service. Shocking that the artist they work with would accept such embarassingly poor quality product. Appear to be mass-produced… You are not buying Art – be under no illusion about that. Also sent me the wrong prints and certificates. The print edition # appear only on the so-called COA and not on the print itself. Thoroughly unpleasant to deal with. Beware.

    Never again.

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