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Other Travel In Conversation

Other Travel is a Kickstarter-funded project by artists Hayden Dunham and Meriem Bennani. A collaborative piece at its core, Other Travel is based on the idea that there is another dimension mirroring ours—the Other World—in which exists each human’s corresponding “Other.” Hayden and Meriem act as mediums between our world and the Other World, delivering [...]

Papa Frenchie

Papa Frenchie is an iron lord. He knows very well the size of his dreams and wears tailor made actions. Puerto Rican by blood, he grew up in Williamsburg where he spent most of his youth as a professional wrestler during the 50’s. After suffering a severe injury, he became a referee for historical competitions [...]

Snoop Lion

I’ve had a soft spot for Snoop Dogg ever since my sister and I met him and Tha Dogg Pound at the Carlton Hotel. I was a minor, she was only slightly older. We rode the elevator with them and realized we were getting off on the same floor, and they invited us to play [...]


Purity Ring are very “now”; the young Canadian duo nurtures the essence of independent music today. Their style reflects a smart combination of dreamy bubblegum quirks blended with slick R&B beats that bring to mind fellow electro-pop masterminds like Grimes and Holy Other. Nevertheless, Purity Ring are not in it to follow a trend. Instead, its [...]

Space Ghost Purrp

SpaceGhostPurrp’s rhymes and self-produced beats are rich and mirage-inducing, like the purp in his name; They seem born of a slow, druggy magic. The reality is that SpaceGhostPurrp, birth name Markese (not Muney Jordan, pronounced “Money” Jordan, the name of his first rap project), was born in 1991 and grew up with the sort of [...]

Ride, Sally Ride

When I was very little I wanted to be a dentist, because my dentist, Dr. Doktor, was so nice. But once I moved beyond that, what I really wanted to be was an astronaut. I dreamed about being an astronaut for most of my childhood, even after I watched the Challenger blow up, right up [...]

Simply the Worst: Nasty Neckface

What better day to stage Simply The Worst, Neck Face’s latest gallery show at New Image Art Gallery than on Friday the 13? All the grotesque horror and raucous but ultimately gleeful gore of the Friday the 13th series of films, as well as other seminal horror cult classics of that generation like A Nightmare on Elm [...]

What’s Your Name When You’re At Home?

In South East Portland, Oregon is a beautiful turn of the century brick building that used to employ hundreds of female workers as laundresses before people could afford personal washing machines in their homes. Eventually, after the plant closed sometime in the 1950′s, the building was dead space. In 2008, seeing the beauty of this [...]

Donna Huanca In Conversation

Chicago-born artist Donna Huanca’s installation, Panic Fear Crying Fits, is on display at Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, where she is currently living and working. She’s particularly nomadic, her travels informing her pieces, and the nature of her work is expansive in scope—her 2008 installation, The Secret Museum of Mankind in Austin, Texas, featured live [...]


In an exercise of free association, the word “insect” may incite the following responses: creepy, repulsive, disease-carrying. It is something to swat, squash, kill. These reactions of aversion, fear and neuroses are what one would expect. Certainly, most people wouldn’t find sophistication in an insects movements, admire their fierce sense of community or be amused [...]