Monthly Archives: April 2012

In Conversation with Todd Cole

Last week, Todd Cole’s agent sent me a link to the new video he did for Kate Spade. So many fashion videos are boring, or cheesy, or just kind of mediocre, that I really appreciate when I see a good one. And this one is really good – so much so that I wanted to [...]

This Land Was Made for You and Me

Opening tonight in Berlin, This Land Was Made for You and Me explores the idea of America, through the eyes of young American photographers. The title is taken from the Woody Guthrie song This Land Is Your Land, which was written as a critical retort to Irving Berlin’s saccharine God Bless America. Guthrie meant for [...]

Coachella Finale

I know you’ve seen a million pictures of Coachella already, but these ones by photographer Doug Neill remind me that summer is coming, and even if it has been a really mild winter, I’m still really excited. Also, I don’t care what anybody says, I think Katy Perry looks adorable. A$AP Rocky, too.

D4D and OHWOW Present The Pocket Guide to Politics

With campaigning for the 2012 general election well under way, Downtown for Democracy, the political action committee established during the 2004 elections, is back. Aimed at motivating and engaging the creative community to political action, the organization has begun this cycle’s crusade with the publication of a 75-page civics primer. D4D and OHWOW Present: The [...]

Keep it Mellow

Ana Roman and Barbara Anastacio Keep it Mellow with some behind the scenes from the Dossier In Conversation interview. With her album, Even Assassins Have Lovers And Romance due out this summer, an EP out now, and numerous shows on the near horizon, we were lucky to catch up with her when we did.

Bhumika Bhatia

Underline Gallery is holding an online raffle to help one of their artists, photographer Bhumika Bhatia. Bhatia was is a terrible car accident in India, cannot currently use her hands, and has an enormous hospital debt. The raffle tickets are $50, and the winner can chose from four prints. All proceeds go to support the [...]

Posting One’s Self

Few of us enjoy the annual ritual of mailing our annual income taxes into the Feds. For Dustin Grella, getting a letter in the mail can be a literal drag. Grella, an artist and a C-7 quadriplegic who resides in Tribeca, has been mailing himself a letter daily for the past 10 years. The letters, [...]

Presenting Comedy, By Olive Ingrid Leiss

Who is Eleanor Friedberger?  A musician, we think. More importantly, who was Eleanor Friedberger’s miniature on-stage ingenue-companion during her March 24 performance at the Crowley Theater in Marfa, Texas? (Ballroom Marfa invited Eleanor to partake in a weeklong residency and recording session at the Marfa Recording Company which culminated in the performance at the Crowley). [...]

Who’s Your Padre?

“SPRING BREAK!!!”  Those two words seem like they should always be shouted together, perhaps accompanied by a fist-pump. Everyone has been there at one point in their lives—for some, spring break was about catching up on long-overdue coursework or heading back to parents’ places some R&R and a home-cooked meal. For the fancy ones, spring [...]

Red Rum

It’s Friday the 13th. Why not celebrate by playing in traffic or painting something black? Or you can always get killed by this new video from our friend Tezo. Have a miserable day and see you in hell.