Monthly Archives: August 2011

January to August by Erik Madigan Heck

Erik Madigan Heck, the New York-based photographer who shot the cover of our soon-to-debut fall 2011 issue, is launching his first book, January to August. The book’s release will coincide with an exhibition of the same name at Ion Studio. Opening night is this Thursday, September 1, from 7pm-10pm and all are welcome. So stop [...]

In Flight

Photographs and text by Phillip Kalantzis-Cope Being in flight is one of the most unnatural, extraordinary, ordinary experiences of modern life. When we climb to 30,000 feet, our perspective looking down at the world becomes that of a deity, and the rules of time and space are altered as we rush over the earth. In [...]

If I Ran The Zoo

How would you draw something you’ve never seen before? The Unseen Bestiary is an online, collaborative project created by Lindsey Carr in which she solicits descriptions of creatures, insects, and plants from participants and creates a series of etchings and paintings based solely off of the explanations. Carr explains on her website, “Bestiaries (a compendium of [...]


All I ever hear is how print is dying. I imagine myself stuck in a time warp while the rest of the world twitters and I listen to Biggie and Nirvana happily flipping magazine pages. Add a beaded curtain to that fantasy just for fun. When people ask me why we started Dossier as a [...]

Grey Area

One of the things I find most inspiring is people turning everyday objects into something more. Since launching in July, Kyle DeWoody and Manish Vora, the founders of Grey Area have been dedicated to curating a selection of such elevated objects that navigate the space in between art and design. They launched with a pop-up [...]

Guido Guidi: Autobiographical Italy

Loosestrife Editions recently published A New Map of Italy: The Photographs of Guido Guidi, a collection of the Italian photographer’s work that includes the images above and below. The publisher states, “Working in marginal and decayed spaces with a (8″x10″) camera, Guidi creates dense sequences intended as meditations on the meaning of landscape, photography, and [...]


For the past 17 years, artist and visionary Robert Wilson of The Watermill Center has been running the most creative summer camp around. Comprised of 50-100 artists from over 30 countries, the participants spend a few weeks each year immersed in a carefully curated art and performance program with a focus on diverse disciplines. For [...]

Brian Ulrich’s Copia and the Rise and Fall of American Consumerism

In this time of economic uncertainty and social upheaval, the Cleveland Museum of Art’s exhibition of photographer Brian Ulrich’s work strikes a profound chord. Ulrich’s series, entitled Copia- Retail, Thrift, and Dark Stores, 2001-11, explores the same sort of economic, political, and cultural implications of consumerism that we as a nation and as a world are currently re-examining. [...]

Lights, Camera, Drumming

Visual artists working in various different mediums have frequently struggled to represent the chaos and beauty of live musical performance to no avail. On August 5, the Los Angeles-based art group Scene Four debuted its attempt to do so. Entitled The Art of Drums Project, the resulting images display what drumming looks like, very literally. [...]

Sweet As Sugar

The University of California, Berkeley’s School of Journalism is currently working on a project to redesign the nutrition facts food label affixed to prepackaged foods across the country. The competition is informal, but the visual concepts presented may make their way into the US Food and Drug Administration’s current revamping of the label and its [...]