Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Art of Climbing Mountains

As human beings, living in an ever-evolving world, the only true constant is change. This dogma is as true today as it was in 1952 when French Surrealist René Daumal wrote Mount Analogue: A Tale of Non-Euclidian and Symbolically Authentic Mountaineering Adventures. The publication explores this notion and the thought that if you will something [...]

Richard Phillips’ Point of Purchase

After the recent heat wave, one doesn’t need another reason to leave the city behind for the beach but just in case… It’s the last weekend to catch New York-based artist Richard Phillips’ Point of Purchase exhibition in East Hampton. As its name indicates its focus is the on commercial, highlighting Phillps’ retail and pop-culture [...]

The Pop Manifesto Issue 8

The Pop Manifesto is an online magazine published by Ilirjana Alushaj (of the band Apache Beat) and Karl Maier. They showcase music, art, design and fashion, but heavy on the music. They just published their eighth issue, which features Fecal Face, Ford & Lopatin, How To Dress Well, Puro Instinct, Ryan De La Hoz, Greatest Hits, Y’OH, [...]

Midnight Weddings

Just after midnight Sunday, when the legalization of same-sex marriage took effect, several couples were married in New York. The above photo is Cheryle Rudd and Kitty Lambert, two grandmothers, who were married in front of Niagara Falls by the mayor. Many of their five children and twelve grandchildren were there. The photograph is of Harold Lohner [...]

104 Degrees and Counting

It was 104 degrees yesterday in Central Park with a heat index of 114. That’s two degrees shy of the record temperature ever for New York City. The heatwave is expected to continue through the weekend. I saw a lot of open fire hydrants yesterday, and read an article that talked about people just riding the [...]

Capricious Goes Non-Profit

Printing is expensive. When we first started Dossier, everyone (and I do mean everyone) we spoke with suggested we make it a solely online publication so as to avoid the prohibative costs of printing. Capricious founder Sophie Morner was one of the few people who was really encouraging about printing. She told me, you figure [...]

Lobsang Sangay and Tibet’s Future

When Lobsang Sangay took the stage at New York’s Asia Society this past Tuesday, he asked his interviewer and Harvard Law School classmate Jamie Metzl whether the discussion would be “in the Anderson Cooper format or the Oprah one?” Charming, extremely intelligent (a former Fulbright scholar), absolutely dedicated (he led the Tibetan Youth Congress) and [...]

Ryan McGinley Lawsuit

Ryan McGinley is being sued by the photographer Janine “Jah Jah” Gordon, who claims that over 150 of his photographs are taken from her work. Gordon’s argument has been backed up by the former New Museum curator Dan Cameron, who wrote “my long-term expertise as a critic and curator gives me, I believe, sufficient authority to say, without hesitation, [...]

Women’s World Cup Finals

See goalkeeper Hope Solo—pictured above in a recent Nike campaign shot by Annie Leibovitz—and the rest of the US National team compete against Japan in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final today at 2:45 EST on ESPN.

Ostalgia Opening

Thursday night was the VIP Preview for the new exhibit opening at the New Museum, Ostalgia. The entire museum was packed, despite a mini-thunderstorm that struck exactly the moment the doors opened. Museum-goers roamed freely throughout the building taking both the staircase and the elevators to check out the exhibit and the party which went [...]