Monthly Archives: March 2011

Letter from Zanzibar

Sauti Za Busara translates to “sounds of wisdom” in Swahili, and is the most famous festival held in East Africa. I’d been dreaming about going for years. Featuring music from across the region and situated on a distant island at the center of an ancient trade route, famous for its beaches and spices, the festival [...]

Oozing and Knotted Up: Lynda Benglis at the New Musuem

Image courtesy of Benoit Pailley After being instructed to start at the top of the New Museum and work my way down, I was thrilled to arrive at the 2nd floor exhibition of works by Lynda Benglis. From lava forms erupting from a wall lit with a black light to knotted steel formations, which remind [...]

March Mix

Every month, artist Sam Falls makes a mix and sends it out to a group of friends. He also shares the playlists as a monthly feature here. They are compiled from the daily mixes he makes in his studio while working and are deliberately unthemed. Click here to download the March mix.


Grab your pup and go sidewalk surfing with me. No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Don’t harm animals, dummy.

True Romance

My first awareness of Elizabeth Taylor was in the 80′s. She had perfumes. She was friends with Michael Jackson. She had been married a lot. Sometimes she was on talk shows. She had that over-tucked, over-dyed, plastic look that makes older celebrities look really scary. I didn’t really know who she was beyond that. It wasn’t [...]

The Accidental Tourist

Photography by Mara Corsino . Styling by Fabiana Fierotti . Hair by Marco Braca. Makeup by Thais Bretas. Model: Ann at Ice Models Milan. Photographer’s Assistant: Giulia Soldavini. Special thanks to: Hotel London Milano. Above: Top, Luisa Beccaria. Shorts, M Missoni. Shoes, vintage Suzie Mas. Top, M Missoni. Shorts, American Apparel. Click “Read More” for [...]

Emo Post

One of the best things about running Dossier is that we get to have interns. If you have ever been an intern – which I have – it feels good to know that you can be nice to your interns and also that you are contributing a little to the circle of life, Lion King-style, [...]

I’m on the Internets

I think this post has more links than any other post I’ve done before, especially since it is all about one person with a lot of websites. Conceptual artist Rafael Rozendaal is famous for making websites into art. He buys sites and creates permanent spaces for his art to live in. Each has a different [...]


In a country like Germany you often wonder how people end up living on the streets. But it happens more often than one would think and for a wide variety of reasons. Streetmag is a new magazine project dedicated to helping people who live on the street make a living, preserve their dignity, and to help [...]

3,348 Hours of Sunshine

3,348 Hours of Sunshine, an exhibition featuring the work of eight LA artists – Dan Finsel, Sanya Kantarovsky, Alex Klein, D’Ette Nogle, Chadwick Rantanen, David Snyder, Miller Updegraff, and Aaron Wrinkle – opens today, March 19 from 3-7pm at Clifton Benevento, 515 Broadway, NY. The exhibition runs through April 23. Above image: video still from [...]