Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ari Marcopoulos Surfboard

I love art on objects. Recently, I am also fascinated by surfing. Enter here art on a surfboard, in the form of the “Ari Biscuit.” Designed by Ari Marcolpolous, the limited-edition board (produced in ten numbered editions) is a special collaboration between the artist and ZED Surf of Byron Bay. The project is curated by [...]

Proud to Serve

Proud to Serve is a portrait project by photographer Jo Ann Santangelo, a recent graduate of ICP. She has spent the last two years traveling to 31 states and photographing men and women who served or were discharged under the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. According to Santangelo’s introduction to the project, there are [...]

Mad About the Boy

If you haven’t had a chance to see Mad About the Boy, David Armstrong’s exhibition at Half Gallery, you still have a few days. Curated by Emma Reeves, the show draws from David’s archive, both personal and fashion, all photographs of the men who have been his muses over the years. The loveliest – and [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25, 2010. Let’s go!

Exhibition A

Exhibition A is a recently launched website for art editions. Created by Bill Powers (of Half-Gallery), Cynthia Rowley, Laura Martin and Gabby Munoz, it offers limited-edition works by artists you will have probably heard of even if you aren’t an art geek – the first set of offerings are by Richard Phillips, Hanna Liden and Mark [...]

The Future of Money

With America still knee-deep in the recession, and a banking industry that has long lost all trustworthiness, more people are starting to think about alternative systems of monetary exchange and trying to develop new, mainly community based, structures and platforms for the exchange of goods and ideas in general. Dossier talked to director and media [...]

In Conversation With Friendly Antelope: Tame Impala

Just a few doors away from the Rockefeller Center, four young musicians from Perth dodge up Sixth Avenue amidst heavy Midtown people traffic to meet with us for a quick word. Each band member seems to have a very marked personality: Kevin Parker (vocals) being the more serious type, interjecting here and there when he [...]

First Love, Last Rites

My first solo show in New York, First Love, Last Rights, opens Friday, Nov 19 at Capricious. The show is a cumulation of a year and half of work looking at memory, adolescence, addiction, and, as you might gather from the title, first love. The photographs tell the story of a particularly tumultuous year of my [...]

Creative Time Tropical Social

Creative Time held a brunch Saturday to raise money for their public arts projects, encourage membership, and to debut a series of limited edition comic books. The theme was a tropical social – so think island prints, hula music and drinks in coconuts – and it was held at The Hurricane Club on Park Ave. [...]

In Conversation with Teresa Nasty

Images by Samantha Casolari The thing about Teresa (aka Miss Nasty) is that you develop a crush on her just by following her Tweets. She has a way with words that is addicting. Even an ocean away, you can feel an overwhelming warmth and gentleness, despite her chosen profession. After experiencing the aforementioned coupe de [...]