Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dossier Smart Billboard

We collaborated with Smart Car on a billboard that’s being painted right now. As part of a project they’re doing about the “future of the city,” Smart asked six magazines to interpret what that phrase meant. Each design is going up as a billboard by Collosal Media at a different location on the city. For [...]

RIP Corrine Day

Photographer Corrine Day is rumored to have died. She was only in her forties but has been suffering from a brain tumor, so, though I hope the rumor is wrong, I’m feeling like it might be true. For those of you not familiar with her, she took the loveliest early photographs of Kate Moss, capturing [...]

Poppy de Villeneuve’s Proust Questions

Photographer and filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve has been working on a series of ten interviews based on the Proust questionnaire. The first four, with Gerard DeCock, Mike Figgis, Emma Gibson and Edoardo Ballerini are posted to the Another Magazine site and can be seen here.

Two Things About Josh Slater

Our friend Josh Slater is an artist who has been doing some interesting projects recently. He designed a pyramid for the new MGMT video for Congratulations, and he also has been working on a project with us, designing a billboard for Smart Car which is going to be painted on Spring St. next week. Click [...]

Live Young

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have always been strongly opposed to dressing dogs – or any pet for that matter – up in people clothes, as they are animals, not people. But there are instances in which exceptions can be made. Pony (pictured above) has been a fan of both Living Young [...]

Viktor Longo at the Apollo

I went to the Apollo for the first time last week for the premiere of the Nike Air Force 1 documentary. I was excited to be there and also a little surprised by how small and cozy it was. And even with the coziness, I can’t imagine the weight it carries as a performer to [...]

C.H.C.M. Pop Up

NY’ers on staycation this weekend and next, all is not lost. On both Sundays, the Great Room in Fort Greene plays host to 2 days of C.H.C.M. See you there.

Aurel Schmidt at The Fireplace Project

It’s August, so I’m going to assume that a good number of you will be in the Hamptons at some point. If you want to check out some art while you’re there, Aurel Schmidt has a solo show opening tomorrow. It’s at The Fireplace Project, a contemporary art gallery in East Hampton, and will be [...]

Crystal Renn

I shot Crystal Renn a few years ago and found her to be hands-down one of the best models I have ever had the chance to work with. She takes her job incredibly seriously and thus is seriously good at it. Plus you can’t take a bad picture of her, which I know people say [...]

Design Downtown

Tonight our friends Myriah and Nadia have the opening of their first ever Nightwood store. In addition to their furniture, they have some incredibly talented friends showing and selling their works, as well as a series of  bi-weekly events and workshops in conjunction with Design Sponge. Please see the attached flyer for more info and to sign up. You can [...]