Monthly Archives: July 2010

Get Cronk

When denim dude Loren Cronk opened his eponymous Greenpoint storefront last night the entire hipster nation–attended by their high priestess Pamela Love–turned out to celebrate. Against the kooky backdrop of a TV cop show shoot on the corner, Cronk, a Levi’s alum and former designer at LIPS, showed off his range of wares from hand-picked [...]

The National and Beach House at Prospect Park, 07/27/10

Victoria Legrand scares the hell out of me. “Walk in the Park” may be one of the most beautifully crafted pop songs of our generation, yet seeing her croon lyrics like “In a matter of time, it will slip from my mind, in and out of my life, you would slip from my mind” while [...]

Pamela Love and the CFDA

Our good friend and Dossier contributing editor Pamela Love is one of the ten finalists for this year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award. Talking to her about it a few weeks ago, I realized how much I didn’t know about what it is, the process for applying, and how the award itself works. The basic deal [...]

Occulter Opening

One of my favorite jewelry designers, Derrick Cruz of Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons, just opened up a retail space, called Occulter. Along with partner Christine Samar, he has outfitted his narrow storefront at 83 1/2 Orchard St. with Black Sheep’s incredible hand-made accessories and objects (the horsehair necklace being the coveted favorite for me), along [...]

Popping Glocks with Uffie

Nearly four years after tearing onto the underground music scene with her 2006 EP “Pop The Glock,”  Uffie gets us into a groove with the mixed-beat, genre-bending tracks of her recently released album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. In the dressing room, just before performing at SOS Music Festival in Murcia, Spain, we managed to [...]

In Conversation with Jibz Cameron of Dynasty Handbag

Watching Jibz Cameron perform as her infamous alter-ego, Dynasty Handbag, feels like being invited to a private party in the mind of your artfully delusional great-aunt. Part clown, part id, part Real Housewife of Miami, Dynasty Handbag gracefully dashes between the lines of manic sub-conscious neurosis and external performativity, usually to reeling comedic effect.  Frequently [...]

Nicole Simone

On a recent rainy evening in the basement of the Ace Hotel I was transported back through the decades. LA based singer Nicole Simone’s first ever NYC performance made me feel like I had stumbled across an underground nightclub in the 40’s with dark banquettes and cigarette girls pushing packs of Lucky Strike. Simone has [...]

Moove It On Over

The above photo of a field of cows is from the new blog of photographer Frances Tulk-Hart. It is one of several new blogs that we’ve been watching lately, including the APC Journal and our friend Stephanie Tran’s blog for her label Duskin.

The Future of the City

Smart Car has recently launched the smart fortwo electric drive, which is the first 100% electric car to leave the car show floor and hit the streets. After a highly successful debut in Berlin, they’ve now landed on the grassy grounds of the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome. This travelling, futuristic inflatable structure is [...]

The Calder Experience

This Thursday would have been sculptor Alexander Calder’s birthday. It seems an appropriate moment for Not Extractions, but Abstractions, a show curated by Michael Clifton, which honors and echoes Alexander Calder’s whimsical spirit and rhapsodic love of reductive forms. The exhibit is actually the second part of a show presented at Karma International in Zurich [...]