Monthly Archives: June 2010

From Mexico, with (Te)Amo

Los Hombres de Teamo: Cuevas (left) and Sànchez Deep in Mexico City, where a group of interdisciplinary designers are working together to make their country relevant in the global fashion market, a movement is afoot. At the forefront of this loose-knit syndicate is Teamo (Spanish for “I love you,” with the space removed; pronounced tay ah [...]

COACD x Dossier Soccer Tournament

If you haven’t noticed, people are really into soccer right now. To get in on the fun, we are playing tomorrow in a soccer tournament put on by Confessions of a Casting Director. Come and cheer us on!

Stanley Kubrick’s Photos

The tick of time has almost never failed to vindicate Stanley Kubrick. His films—sometimes plodding, sometimes maddening, always uncompromisingly singular—were popularly derided upon debut for their difficulty. Genius, apparently, is an acquired taste. In any case, each is now considered an indispensable pillar within one of the most celebrated and influential canons of cinematic history. [...]

Oscar the Grouch

What do you get when you combine art collector Peter Brant with artist Urs Fischer? You get “Oscar the Grouch”, Peter on fire, and a reason to visit Greenwich, Connecticut. The Brant Foundation Art Study Center, which opened it’s doors to the public last year, is currently exhibiting their first solo show with the work [...]

Dossier Exclusive: The Official Trailer for Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Watch the trailer of Tamra Davis’s new film about Basquiat, Radiant Child. Today, only on Dossier. Opens at The Film Forum on July 21st.

The Radiant Child

Tamra Davis’ new Basquiat documentary offers a surprising wealth of first-hand footage of the artist. Tracing his chaotic rise to wealth, fame and exploitation, the film is centered around a 1985 interview at the L’Hermitage Hotel in Los Angeles – a city to which Basquiat would retreat in order to escape the drugs and leaching [...]

Seen From Car Windows

For our first contest, we asked readers to send in images they had taken through the windows of cars. The two winners, Christina Dixcy and Jennilee Marigomen, will receive signed copies of Ed Tempelton’s new book from Seems, The Seconds Pass. Christina and Jennilee’s images can been seen on this page, and along with the [...]

Big Gay Towels

There’s no debating the past few years’ most talked about beach accessory has been the collection of towels designed by superstar artists and produced by the Art Production Fund. So we’re all hyped on towels now, and the question has been who will make the next amazing incarnation? We’re happy to report the search is [...]

Not Quite Open for Business

The first show at The Hole, Not Quite Open for Business, is opening this Saturday. The Hole is the new venture of former Deitch directors Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman, launched after Jeffrey Deitch’s sudden departure for the West Coast. They have spent the last few months putting together a number of shows, two of [...]

You Think It’s Hot Out? Try Being Pregnant.

My friend Jessica is one of those people who is always involved in something amazing that helps other people. So, tonight she invited me to a fund-raiser and tour of Inwood House. Open since 1830, Inwood House is a live-in center for underprivileged pregnant teenagers, most of them products of the foster care system or [...]