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The Death of a King

I have to admit that it took Michael Jackson dying on Thursday for me to remember that he had still been alive. Still, one doesn’t need to have been a fan of Jackson to be affected by his passing or to relate to the various discussions surrounding his untimely (?) death. Those of us born around [...]

Luxury Cowboy

In light of this past season’s collaboration with Gerard Malanga, Adam Kimmel’s decision to hire Jim Krantz, who used to shoot for Marlboro (as in the cigarette), is hardly surprising.  Kimmel sent Krantz down to the same Utah ranch he had used to photograph the Marlboro Man ads to shoot artist (and Kimmel regular) Dan [...]

NYFA Fellowships Announced

A year ago, the mood in Chelsea was rather less glum. Local aficionados, examining their own epoch, might well describe the first eight years of the millennium as an Age of Optimism. Back then there appeared no limit to the curator’s good fortune: galleries thrived, crowds gathered, artists bought homes in East Hampton. Now, as the market [...]

Will the Cat Above the Precipice Fall Down?

Here is another text on the situation in Iran. This one is by the philosopher Slavoj Žižek, now the International Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London. It is copyright free and distribution/reposting is encouraged. When an authoritarian regime approaches its final crisis, its dissolution as a rule follows two steps. [...]

Bellwether (In Memoriam)

If bygone galleries were given funereal services, Bellwether would deserve a sweeping procession down Tenth Avenue. For over ten years, the gallery has been a hallmark of the city’s art scene; as others have come and gone, Bellwether has endured trends and trepidations, from the artists’ rise in Williamsburg to the galleries’ exodus to Chelsea. [...]

The World is Flat

As a part of X-Initiative’s No Soul For Sale opening on the 23rd of June, Rhizome will present an exhibition entitled The World is Flat, a series taking the ‘flatness’ of culture characteristic of a web-centered information economy as its orientation.  Artists and collectives including B’L’ing, Anna Lundh, Oliver Laric, Lizzie Fitch, Alexandre Singh and David Horvitz [...]

Get your aesthletics on..

                      The Institute for Aesthetics is a combination of sports and performance art that has spawned such sports as Straightjacket Softball (not a joke) and Wifflehurling. Anyone who shows up can play, don a sombrero and run around trying to follow the rules which are [...]

Screentesting, again

Gerard Malanga, once a close friend and right-hand-man of Warhol’s, has collaborated with designer Adam Kimmel on a new video project in homage to — who else? — his late companion. Unabashedly entitled Screentest, the project was envisioned as a part of Kimmel’s Fall/Winter 2009 presentation in Paris, and sees Malanga, in an extension of [...]

Viktor Fuchs at Cornelia Street Cafe Tonight

Viktor Fuchs

Why are the Iranians dreaming again?

The following is a short text on the situation in Iran by Ali Alizadeh, researcher at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University in London. It is copyright free and distribution/reposting is encouraged. I discovered Ali’s text at Infinite Thøught. Iran is currently in the grip of a new and strong political movement. While this movement [...]