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Dossier is a bi-annual arts and culture journal incorporating fashion, photography, creative writing, art, music and culinary pursuits. Inspired by the French word for file, we have no themes, features or specific guidelines. We're independently published and owned.

Dossierjournal.com is an extension of the print magazine, providing a forum for both established and emerging artists to exhibit their work online.

LOOK is a visual space which is guest curated every month.

READ exhibits creative projects such as writing, poetry, non-fiction, recipes and interviews.

EDITIONS is where you can buy some really cool art and other stuff.

CURRENT ISSUE lets you read the table of contents for the latest issue of Dossier.

SUBSCRIBE lets you buy Dossier from the comfort of your own computer.

LINKS is where you can find all the other websites we love.

HOME, for us, is Brooklyn.

Submissions of writing and art are welcome and should be sent to submissions@dossierjournal.com.  For art, we strongly suggest that you include a link to your website. There are no guidelines or themes for submissions.