Monthly Archives: April 2013

Vandana Jain

There are plenty of reasons to talk about Vandana Jain. Firmly entrenched in Brooklyn’s musical world, by way of India and London, Vandana Jain brings a new stimulus and plenty of head-bopping, outperforming most of the current wave of electronic-based artists. She was surrounded by music from an early age, absorbing everything from Bollywood hits, [...]

The Wild West

Rachel Libeskind recently dreamed that her teeth were dissolving in her mouth, coming out every time she tried to breathe “life puffs of dust.” For those familiar with Rachel’s work, it should come as no surprise that she has anxiety-ridden dreams. In fact, it’s impossible to ignore the similarities between her dream and the title [...]

Magic Hour

To coincide with the opening of the 2013 Urs Fischer exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, MOCAtv commissioned director Tara Subkoff to make a short film about LA. The end result, Magic Hour, was written by Tara Subkoff and Tatiana von Furtsentberg, stars Chloe Sevigny and Alexander Yulish, and features music by [...]

This is The End

Salt Lake City gets a bad rap. Weak beer, guns galore, Brigham Young and his many wives – you’ve heard the reports. Still, it’s a place that tends to produce some very interesting and talented people. I met Cody Comrie in the summer of 2008, and he introduced me to his brother Michael Comrie soon [...]

Coachella Saguaro Revelries, Take One

Out in Palm Springs, Dossier spent the first weekend of Coachella at the Saguaro Hotel. The usually laid-back property took it up a notch with parties hosted by Sky Ferreira for Forever 21, A Club Called Rhonda for Revolve Clothing, Harley Viera-Newton, Agyness Deyn and Henry Holland. These photos by Doug Neill offer a snapshot of the weekend, and a [...]

E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay

The emerging artist Dan Finsel initially developed his new body of work by performing exercises found in the 1974 book The Inward Journey/Art as Therapy for You. This work is on view now in his linguistically deconstructed show, E-Thay Inward-Yay Ourney-Jay. Although Finsel developed the works’ symbology through the exercises he performed, the aesthetics of the [...]

Thug Life

Confession: I read quite a few vegan/health-oriented food blogs. Most of them are written by young, beautiful women who talk about making Kimchi from scratch when you happen to find yourself with ten minutes and some extra cabbage. The photography on these websites is typically stunning, with perfect plates arranged on vintage linens or thick [...]

If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma

I don’t think these photos of celebrities as they would look in Oklahoma are meant to be anything more than funny, but they feel like an unintentionally poignant commentary on fame. Many of these people originally became famous for something, but over time many have just morphed into being famous for being famous. I like [...]

La Fábrica: Barcelona’s Architectural Gem

The legendary La Fábrica in Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona is an architectural “tour de force” to be reckoned with, and a definite must-see when visiting the Spanish city. Without a doubt, this cement factory conversion, authorized by well renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, is one of the most impressive examples of adaptive architectural reuse ever seen. [...]

A Little Help From Her Friends

Melissa Ferrick’s life has always been an open book. Throughout her twenty-year career, which began on Atlantic Records, she has chronicled all the ups and downs of her life in her songwriting, and in the process came to represent a new wave of female alt-rock musicians in the mid-nineties. Her career received an early boost [...]