Monthly Archives: February 2013

Poet of Uncertainty

Just before noon on a Thursday morning, Milan was draped in a thin fog. The light coming in the room through the skylights was soft as if someone had covered the windows with a thin white curtain. Bronze sculptures of dogs sat in front of me, each depicted in a different position. One of them was [...]

Advanced Style Finds the Sun

Ari Seth Cohen’s street photography has been repeatedly (and rightfully) credited with debunking ageist perceptions of who constitutes a ‘tastemaker’ in the realm of fashion. Since launching his blog, Advanced Style, in 2008, the San Diego native has captured countless members of New York’s well-heeled senior set. Wrapped in fluorescent coats, wearing all-over plaids and [...]

Shannan Click

We are used to seeing models made up, dressed as other people, used as canvases to write fantasies on. The very best models are like silent film actresses, able to transform into credible and incredible characters and tell a story using just their bodies and faces. Who they actually are is often subverted into who [...]

Rock and A Hard Place

American artist Trisha Baga’s contribution to MoMA PS1’s exhibition New Pictures of Common Objects can only be experienced by two viewers at a time — there are just two sets of anaglyph glasses. Without the glasses, the exhibit, titled Hard Rock, consisting of lo-fi video featuring khaki-clad hikers and penguins exploring an ambiguous stretch of desert land, [...]

Lesley Vance and Ricky Swallow

The exhibition currently taking place of work by Lesley Vance and Ricky Swallow is the first showing of contemporary art taking place at the Huntington Art Gallery. The Huntington is a library, art gallery and garden established in the early 20th century in the mansion of the Huntington family. This is the first show of [...]

Eyes Wide Wider

We at Dossier are very pleased to premiere the music video Eyes Wide Wider (Baleriac Edit) by the band Tempers, here for you on Valentine’s Day. This video also signals the directorial debut for our friend Kalika Farmer, well-known for her work with the contemporary arts festival New/Age held once a year in the Berkshires. [...]

Soul Food

Even from outside, you are thanked for your appearance at the new Los Angeles restaurant where “Thank You For Coming” is emblazoned across the front windows. Thank You For Coming is an experimental food and art space with a rotation of artists (and musicians) that participate in month-long residencies creating a collaborative space within the [...]

Born in The U.S.A

When most native New Yorkers leave New York City for a considerably smaller midwestern city, you think that either they will live a quiet, simple life planting gardens and such, or they will just move back. A few years ago, when Kat McMillan and her husband Mac (a Minnesota native) left their Soho apartment and [...]


Jacmel is a city of 40,000 people on the southern coast of Haiti. It has been tentatively accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings dating from the early 1900′s, but in more modern times it has been known for its laid-back beach vibe (including surfing) and vibrant arts scene. Although damaged by the [...]

Euromen In Real Life

The street style trend is something I always tend to think about in quotation marks. I just don’t, you know, “get” it. The very idea that some random body in an expensive number walking down the street should be regarded as some sort of influencer is a little too Warholian-utilitarian for me. At the same, [...]