Monthly Archives: December 2012

Post-Miami Musings

The last, and likely only, time Miami received praise from the high-fashion establishment, it came from the late Gianni Versace, who declared in the 1980s, “Here in Miami, I finally found what I was looking: the center of my circle.” However, if our experience earlier this month at the 12th annual Art Basel Miami Beach [...]

Kathy’s World

It’s a hilarious thing to look back on now, but the fact is that about eight years ago Kathy Grayson’s MySpace blog was better than many of the major art websites which updated their content daily. This was apparent to me the first time I lost an evening browsing through her posts, and was made [...]

Dan Deacon in Conversation

Dan Deacon has a disarmingly modest countenance that stands in sharp contrast to his music: the gnashing 22st-century surf-metal of Spiderman Of The Rings, the hypnotizing feelgood clockwork crescendos of Bromst, or the venn diagrams of old and new instrumentations in his latest, America. Anyone who has seen Deacon live will remember his sound – [...]

Window Shopping

As part of The New Museum’s Special Projects exhibition, She’s Crafty, a select group of twelve female artists have been invited to develop and present interactive projects open to the public in the window display space at the entrance of the museum. Last week The New Museum featured multimedia artist Maggie Lee, who created her vision [...]

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Adarsha Benjamin has made quite a name for herself in the art world over the past few years. Breaking all boundaries, she redefines what it means to be an artist, weaving seamlessly between different mediums both in front and behind the camera. From Paris to Berlin, Big Sur to Seattle, New York to LA, the [...]

Dossier x Westway at Art Basel Miami

If you are in Miami, then you are probably in a good mood. You are probably being invited to lots of parties left and right. You might be riding on a scooter while reading this or sipping a drink that has egg whites in it. Or, you might actually work in the art world. Either [...]

Raneytown, USA

New York artist Rebeca Raney believes in the powers of both childlike cuteness and narrative-style storytelling. Combined, the two elements make Raneytown, a vibrant, wondrously sweet world of her ink and gouache drawings and the sculptural, 3D renderings of those drawn characters come to life. Premiering at Miami-based project room Primary Projects—which has never not [...]

Keeping up with the Johns

Jasper Johns is having a bit of a moment. In addition to being profiled in the December issue of Vogue, the artist also has a retrospective up at the SFMOMA and an exhibition of new work at Matthew Marks’ two L.A. galleries. For Johns, now 82, this will mark the first time he has premiered [...]