Monthly Archives: November 2012

Kinetic Men and Machine

The more I interact with big, multi-national companies, the more I appreciate the ones that are willing to allocate their seemingly limitless resources to truly creative – which can often mean truly weird – enterprises. I came across this video made for Red Bull, using 11 of their athletes, an airplane hanger, a helicopter, and [...]

Lizzi Bougatsos in Conversation

There are few people for whom it is safe to employ the cliché, “She needs no introduction.” Lizzi Bougatsos—visual artist, Gang Gang Dance frontwoman, I.U.D. drummer and charmingly gentle weirdo—is one of them. Back in 2008, when Aaron Bondaroff’s show My Life in T-Shirts opened at Terrence Koh’s now defunct Asia Song Society, she was [...]

RX Art Benefit

RxArt, an organazation that works to to put original contemporary art in hospital rooms held its annual benefit this month, honoring Dan Colen’s permanent installation for King’s County Hospital Pediatrics. The event raised more than $250,000 to support the organization’s mission. As the many arts patrons and artists such as Neville Wakefield, Olympia Scarry, and [...]

Ecstatic Contact

Jules de Balincourt, the artist known for his figurative paintings, opened his first solo show at the Bowery space of Salon 94. The exhibition centers around six large paintings which illustrate the artist’s attempt to “address the uncertainties of contemporary human life.” The crowded gallery scene at the opening included the likes of new age [...]

Grey Area x Helmut Lang

Expanding its mission to explore the “grey area” between art/design and commerce, the aptly named Grey Area—founded by Manish Vora and Kyle DeWoody—teamed up with Helmut Lang to curate an exhibition of sculptures by Shelter Serra and “Helmut Lang Goods” or limited-edition gift items, by Shelter and fellow artists Emilie Clark, James DeWoody, Debra Folz, [...]

The Last Pictures

A few days ago, Creative Time launched The Last Pictures, an archival disc created by artist Trevor Paglen, into outer space, where it will orbit the earth, affixed to the exterior of the communications satellite EchoStar XVI, maybe forever (or close to it). Paglen, who works with sound, video and installation, selected 100 photographs to represent human [...]

Feast of Burden on MOCAtv

I first encountered artist Eugene Kotlyarenko about four years ago at a film shoot in Los Angeles. We were both playing extras in a music video for The Like, and our job was to dress like cute 60s kids and dance around the bar while the band played. There were dozens of us, but Euegene [...]

Clouds in My Coffee

Last week, the artist Jen DeNike’s show Star Card opened at the Anat Egbi Gallery. The new multimedia exhibit draws its name from a Major Arcana tarot card. At the centerpiece of the show, is a video of nude woman kneeling at the edge of a pool of water, using pitchers to pour water into [...]

Cyprien Gaillard at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi

In his first solo exhibition in Italy, Rubble and Revelation at Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Cyprien Gaillard presents a visual hypothesis about death and decay, power and permanence. Training his nomadic eye on present-day monuments in various states of decline and impotence, he documents their journeys, jumbling videos, photographs, sounds and objects in the manner of [...]

Tell Me A Story

In San Francisco, one of the most popular things right now is a live story-telling event called Pop-Up Magazine. It has been covered by The New York Times and lots of other national media, so I won’t bore you with too many details, but the gist is this: people come on stage and tell you [...]