Monthly Archives: October 2012

Vladimir Kulenovic In Conversation

Originally from the region of Yugoslavia that is now Serbia, Vladimir Kulenovic considers himself to be both a Bosnian and a Croatian. He still calls himself a Yugoslavian, because that was his country. During a tumultuous time in a volatile region, Vladimir left the country with his family at the age of twelve, after his father [...]

Making Waves at Costume National

Anyone who has lived in New York long enough can walk through SoHo and play the game. Donna Karen’s DKNY used to be Sonnabend and the Leo Castelli Gallery, Ellie Tahari used to be the Mary Boone Gallery, Adidas the Gagosian Gallery, and so on. But, last month, if you arrived at Ennio Capasa’s flagship [...]

Michael David Murphy In Conversation

“This is a picture I did not take of the most optimistic homeless man in America, spare changing at the Fox News-sponsored ‘Tea Party’ in Atlanta on April 15, rattling his empty cup as hundreds passed-by and grimaced at the sight of him approaching, trying to avoid meeting his smiling face, clenching their car keys [...]

Reclaiming Bentley

Bentley’s Global Mulsanne Drive is a back-roads tour of England’s historic countryside from behind the wheel of Bentley’s Grand-Tourer flagship, the Mulsanne (pronounced Mul-saan). Dossier was invited to take part by our friends at Syndicate Media, along with several other journalists from comparably successful but definitively independent, niche publications. The unreasonably extravagant itinerary included tea at the [...]

You Don’t Own Me

This amazing PSA directed towards women voters went out today. It features women such as Miranda July, Lena Dunham, Tennessee Thomas, and Sarah Sophie Flicker lip-syncing to You Don’t Own Me. For something so simple, I found it strangely, deeply moving. It may have been the sobering statistics it features about the future of women’s reproductive freedom [...]

Nobody Walks

Nobody Walks, the third film by director Ry Russo-Young, and co-written by Lena Dunham, opens this weekend in New York and L.A. You can read an in-depth review in the Times here (which manages to get some specifics of the plot wrong), and although it’s a fine review, I don’t really think it conveys how [...]

Domino Kirke In Conversation

Domino Kirke is a woman of many talents. A classically trained singer, she fronted an eponymous band back in 2006 that toured with Lily Allen on Mark Ronson’s label, Allido. Then Domino met Morgan, a busker at the Union Street train station, and gave birth to their son, Cass, altering the trajectory of her life. [...]

Let Them Eat KK

If you like “powdered wigs, bitchy dicta and off-translations” you might like Let Them Eat KK, a project by Matt Fishbeck of Holy Shit and director Patrick Kwon. The duo created a series of posters in an edition of five that include hand-drawn illustrations, bits of text, autographs and other things they liked. After playing [...]

Ben Ehrenreich In Conversation

Ben Ehrenreich, born in 1972, is a multifaceted writer: a journalist, critic, and novelist. In his nonfiction he writes knowledgeably, with moral investment and keen insight. He crafts fiction that summons postmodern structures and playfulness just as easily as poignant and soulful expressions of damaged humanity, all the while with prose pulled taught, not a [...]

Adjustment Bureau

Michael Moskowitz is a bit of an international man of mystery. Raised in Northern California, he attended boarding schools in Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Maine before matriculating to college in New York, and graduate school in the U.K. The first several years of his career were spent as a Middle East foreign policy research analyst [...]