Monthly Archives: September 2012

To The Past

The work of Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan’s most prolific photographer, consistently pushes the boundaries of his medium to portray the beauty, humor and complexity that he sees through his camera—both in the compulsive documentation of his daily life and in his famous portraits of women, nearly always erotic, oscillating between amusing and disturbing. A new book [...]

Dossier x Worth Motorcycle Company

For the launch of our tenth issue, we at Dossier wanted to do something a little more meaningful than throwing just one more party during fashion week. Instead, we decided to channel our resources into organizing a charity art auction. The organization that is benefiting, Worth Motorcycle Company, is a new non-profit that teaches New [...]

It’s a Friends, Friends of Friends, and Family Affair

Starting September 21 (today), founders and fellow up-staters, Jon Santos of Common Space Studio and artist Peter Coffin, will host an experiential three-day event at Camp Lakota, in Wurtsboro, NY. Usually a sleep-away summer camp for kids, Camp Lakota’s slogan is,”Where Friendships Begin!” and there is no doubt many adult ones will be forged while participating in the creative, educational, and gastronomical [...]

Fendi Bag + A Bad Attitude

For the 15th anniversary of what many call the first it-bag ever, Fendi teamed up with Maxfield LA to launch the self-explanatory “Baguettemania.” Three artists- Chaz Bojorquez, Kenny Scharf, and Pae White were chosen to create special limited edition baguettes for the event, that will be added to the insanely long list of Fendi collabs [...]

Starlight, Starbright

The stars shine bright for up-and-comer Kilo Kish, the Orlando-born, Brooklyn-based 22 year old née Lakisha Robinson. Here, in an exclusive video, the celestial flower child discusses finding inspiration in nature, spirituality, what it means to be limitless and how her generation is single-handedly transforming rap from the inside out, DIY style. After releasing tracks in 2012 [...]

You, Legend

Keating Sherwin operates out of a studio in Brooklyn with ceilings tall enough to stack two or three medium-sized paintings up the wall and windows large enough for the light to spill in. Two pieces of white drapery hang from the ceiling, bunched at the waist just above the horizontal lines of the panes. Like [...]

In The Studio With Sarki

The second installment of In The Studio is a series of male models and finds us mid-Fashion Week. Our friend, photographer Van Sarki has produced these images exclusively for Dossier based on the simple idea of being completely natural, in that the sitter, the lighting and even the energy between the subject and photographer is organic. If [...]

Say Cheese

Portraiture seems like the most common, easiest to understand denomination of photography. You take a camera, shoot it at someone and take their picture. However, The Sun and Other Stars a photography exhibition up this month at LACMA turns that easy calculation on its head. Featuring Katy Grannan and Charlie White, two contemporary artists well-known [...]

I Just Wanna Be As Pretty As I Feel

Whether viewed digitally or on paper, Mario Zoots’ collages have a similar effect: They are initially perplexing, then mesmerizing. Deeply interested in the implicit language and complexity of image, Mario challenges these inherent visual systems, and our resulting interpretation, via his surreal re-rendering of them. He acts as magician, manipulating pop and contemporary culture into [...]

Adan Jodorowsky In Conversation

While Adan Jodorowsky’s name is instantly recognizable due to the cult status of his father—the great Alejandro—Adan’s success is not the result of nepotism. His work has its own distinctly unsubtle weirdness: powerful, turbulent and brimming with ideas as beautiful as they are ugly, concepts as dark as they are seemingly born from a fairy [...]