Monthly Archives: May 2012

In Conversation With Johannes DeYoung

Hunter S. Thompson once famously said that in order to really live as a human being, you have to “buy the ticket, take the ride.” If that’s true, New Haven-based artist Johannes De Young must’ve stepped up to some warped out carnival counter, bought the ticket and is now taking the ride with his most [...]

Not Boring Art

I have a short attention span and I like to laugh. I also like art. If you identify with these statements, I suggest you check out this short film about John Baldessari. Commissioned for the LACMA Gala honoring both Baldessari and Clint Eastwood, directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, the film is only six [...]

Lazy River

When I opened a random email from Corey Smith with Comune logos all over the inside I immediately thought, “Trade show? Art show? Shit show?” I was wrong on all counts. It was, in fact, an invitation to join the fellas on a motorcycle ride to beautiful Parker, Arizona, on a rolling party on wheels [...]

A Private Solitude Made Public – In Conversation With Joana Kohen

Joana Kohen is an artist from Istanbul, Turkey. Her intense and whimsical work focuses on acute consideration of the self, conveying different disciplines of commentary. Having studied fashion design at Marangoni Institute of Milan and contemporary art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, her multilingual and multiethnic environment give her a unique perspective on life. She will be [...]

Spring wtih the New York Jazz Choreography Project

Jazz may be one of the most bewildering of art forms. It’s so elusive, in fact, that people use the word “jazz” as if it were a synonym of “etcetera”. Like, “She’s into that whole indie scene: book readings, film festivals, obscure musicians—you know, all that jazz.” A dated expression, indeed, but a valid point. [...]

Way II War

What the what? Way To War, that’s what! Kirin J. Callinan is hands down the best thing to hit my inbox this month. Coming to you from Australia via our friends Terrible Records in the U.S. (and Siberia Records in Australia), it’s great to know what really happened to Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years (just kidding). Launching [...]

She’s Ready To Dance When The Vamp Up, And When She Hit That Dip Get Your Camera

Azealia Banks is everywhere. Did you see that shoot that’s in Dossier? Did you hear that new track, Jumanji? In the spirit of summer and excess and hype, here are some outtakes from our shoot with Michael Flores of the young Rapunzel taking off a pair of sunglasses. Don’t be a Kool Aid dude, one-two. [...]

In Conversation With Jacopo Benassi and Kubiat Nnamdie

On May 4, a series of books by the Italian photographer Jacopo Benassi were showcased at The Milan Image Art Fair. Among the featured work were the set of photos, The Ecology of Image, and two collaborative works with Kubiat Nnamdie and Pete Voelker titled LaSpezia is Not Miami/ Miami is not LaSpezia and LaSpezia [...]

In Conversation with Marilyn Minter

New York City based photographer, painter, and videographer Marilyn Minter began her art career in 1989 with an unflinching series of paintings based on still images from hardcore pornography. Since then, the artist’s work has evolved through various mediums, while still examining the presentation of sexuality within the confines of fashion, art, and media. Despite, [...]

Jeffrey Lewis

Born and raised in New York, Jeffrey Lewis leads a double-life, as both an illustrator and a singer songwriter. Both his music and comics are permeated by earnest storytelling and often self-depreciating confessions of his many adventures in the world, from heartbreaks to homeless nights on tour. In his self-published comic book series “Fuff” he [...]