Monthly Archives: February 2012

Puppy Løve

In person, Mia Hansen-Løve’s face still carries the same waxy alien clarity it held on screen thirteen years ago in Olivier Assayas’ Late August, Early September, the movie the one-time actress credits with launching her directing career. Seventeen in the film, she played the adolescent girlfriend of a middle-aged novelist, her satiny innocence in stark [...]

Three is the Magic Number

This weekend, The Total Look opened at LA MOCA’s satellite space in West Hollywoood. The show is a celebration of the collaboration between designer Rudi Gernreich, model Peggy Moffitt and photographer William Claxton. The late designer, an LA-based Austrian transplant, was well known for inventing the topless monokini (popular in Europe in the 1960′s) and [...]


This weekend was all about Hollywood. In addition to the Oscars, which were as always, a bit lagging. (David Letterman: “The oscars are like a JetBlue flight, you wait for four and a half hours and don’t take off.”) This weekend was also the opening of photographer Terry Richardson’s Terrywood. This marks the first solo [...]

SA MI 75 DZ NY 12

I am not sure that it can be done, but I will attempt to describe the experience precipitated by Doug Wheeler’s installation SA MI 75 DZ NY 12 (2012). Through the use of something—fiberglass and lights—Doug has created nothing, or perhaps everything, as the exhibition is often referred to as the Infinity Room. There is [...]

Hot and Busted

Hot and Busted is a Tumblr page where readers can submit mugshots. Most of the photos submitted (or at least those approved by the editor) seem to be of young, model-y looking white guys (a minority of the prison demographic here in the States, I would venture to say). I find reading what they were [...]

A Bicycle Built for Tour

While I was housesitting a 15th-century farmhouse in historical Gascony, with a backyard view of the snow-capped Pyrennees, I decided one bracing morning over a café du lait to hire a bike and make a pilgrimage to one of France’s oddest pilgrimage sites: Notre Dame des Cyclistes. Looking decidedly uncool in my fuzzy Patagonia jacket, [...]

Negative Pleasure

Negative Pleasure is a band comprised of visual artists who are currently making music in Queens. Its members are Lionel Guzman, Ed Shawn Herrera, and Emily Wroe. The band combines all of their inspirations, and yet don’t always know why they are doing it; the band therefor bears the qualities of smoke and mirrors, as well [...]

Full Nelson

The artist Yinka Shonibare describes himself as a “post-colonial hybrid,” having grown up in both Nigeria and London’s East End. His work deals mainly with these themes of colonial expansion, imperial history and shifting cultural power. I know that sounds heady, but bear with me. Having recently been given a prestigious public art commission in [...]

We Will Always Love You

The older you get, the more the icons of your childhood become real people, suffering from the inevitable passage of time; a normal thing for everyday folk, but shocking when those you worshiped and idolized as a kid get old, gain weight, or even die. This weekend, when Whitney Houston passed away all too early [...]

My Happy Place Sounds Like This

I know you are not supposed to post something on the internet that is more than a day old, and this came out way back at Thanksgiving but it makes me so incredibly happy and I thought I might share the love. Again. Cause it’s that good. I never really understood why everyone loved Florence [...]