Monthly Archives: January 2012

In Conversation with Molly Donahue

Molly Donahue, formerly of the band Love Story, recorded her first solo album this year, entitled Metal Alvin, which is due out at the end of this month. In addition to this, Molly also has a photo blog where she records her life separated into different segments- namely, “eats,”(food) “out of doors,”(nature) “animalia,”(animal friends) “noir”(spooky [...]

One In Five Teenagers Will Experiment with Art

This clever ad campaign is for the College of Creative Studies, an art school in Detroit. Clever, but oh how true. Click “Read More” below for additional images.

Head of a Lover, Waist of Traitor, and Legs of a Friend

Caris Reid is one of the most creative people around. She creates, curates, writes, dances, sings, sends coded messages and does all sorts of cool things (including contribute to Dossier.) When we put on an week-long party during fashion week and asked everyone to host an event, Caris was one of the first to respond [...]

In Conversation with Katja Rahlwes

Photographer Katja Rahlwes describes her images as “Cool Women, or better: Femme Intense.” She re-phrases the perception of the female gaze, with her own unfaltering approach to shooting women who are in command of every shot. Her glamazonian subjects often subvert the idea of the classic pinup. Katja has contributed to independent publications such as [...]

Obama Sings Al Green

Obama made an appearance at the Apollo last night for a fundraiser, also attended by Al Green. Channeling the Reverend, the President sang a few lines of Let’s Stay Together. It reminded me why I liked Obama so much four years ago.

In Conversation with Phoebe Collings-James

Born and bred in London, Phoebe Collings-James creates multidisciplinary works in sculpture, illustration, photography and video. Her art is thought-provoking, provocative and demands a reaction from the viewer. The twenty-something artist has exhibited in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Beirut, Mexico, New York and most recently at the Miami Art Basel RiffRaff show. Phoebe was recently featured [...]

Tailgates and Substitutes

Sexily titled Tailgates and Substitutes after a Bob Dylan song, the group show at Thierry Goldberg includes the work of twelve artists ranging from sculpture, to painting, to photography. Many of the artists in the show are working with abstracted forms in various mediums. The idea of substitution aptly has a connection to abstraction; many [...]

American Realness

Starting today, the Abrons Art Center is hosting a ten-day long festival of contemporary performance called American Realness. Combining many different aspects of experimental performance art including dance, traditional theater, drag shows and concerts, the festival has over 46 performances of 20 productions. There is also a bookstore and a pop-up cafe to provide respite [...]


Parasimpatico, a multimedia exhibition that recently concluded, is the first major solo exhibition in Italy by Pipilotti Rist, a boundary-breaking Swiss artist. Her installations, which transform the medium of film by reinventing language and employing expositive procedures, have been exhibited worldwide at musuems including MOMA in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris. By tapping [...]

Hergé: The Man Who Created Tintin

Tintin is a god to me. Surely this imaginary globetrotter seems real to most of us. He is also the most beloved of all comic-book heros worldwide – except in America, where he is inevitably confused with the dog, Rin Tin Tin - as well as the first literary boho “backpacker.” Too, Tintin’s second book, Tintin [...]