Monthly Archives: November 2011

A. Jason Ross’s Pockets

“Everything should be beautiful, if you can just start from there.”- AJR Meet A. Jason Ross, the designer and master craftsman behind a stunning collection of accessories for men and women rapidly advancing into the realm of ‘must have’.  In truth, Ross already has a cult following of fashionistas as well as those who love [...]

Perfect Prototype

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” So the idiom goes, anyway. I began to ponder the expression as I watched the real life mannequins of Perfect Prototype, Kinematik’s performance dance piece, scoot crab-like across the floor of the John Ryan Theater in Dumbo. Each of the six women was dressed monochromatically in black, [...]

On Nan Goldin’s Scopophilia

Brisk, spirited classical music pours through Nan Goldin’s Scopophilia at Matthew Marks Gallery. Its reverberations are loud as you enter the gallery and, at first, off-putting; the gilded sound meets you suddenly and without warning.Then as you grow used to it and make your way through the generous three-section space, the noise disintegrates as if [...]

Torpedoed and Revived on Theater Row

burn·ing adjective 1. aflame; on fire. 2. intense; passionate: a burning desire. noun the state, process, sensation, or effect of being on fire, burned, or subjected to intense heat. Both the characters and the actors in Thomas Bradshaw’s newest, and most nuanced play to date, Burning, are aptly on fire. These people respond heatedly to [...]

Pole Position

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the current The Lake & Stars ad campaign comes this pole dancing video featuring the lingerie brand’s fall/winter 2011 collection. The film, which can also be seen in The Lake & Stars’ new BOFFO pop-up store, is an abstraction of pole dancing. It aims to highlight the strength of women and [...]

In Conversation with Chelsea Wolfe

In the midst of this year’s CMJ festivities, WDRKMR (Alexander Iezzi and Jordan Robin), caught up with Los Angeles-based musician Chelsea Wolfe. They  found her at stylist Jenni Hensler’s Williamsburg loft for a rainy afternoon of dress-up and conversation. WDRKMR: Photographing you was especially fantastic because of your visible transformation when you get into wardrobe [...]


Tonight, November 17, a two-person exhibition of photographs by Heather Boose Weiss and Danelle Manthey is opening at Susan Eley Fine Art. Gallery One will features a dozen silver gelatin prints of landscapes by Boose Weiss, and in Gallery Two, ten ink jet portraits of individuals in color and black and white by Manthey. The show, [...]

In Conversation with Crispin Glover

He may wear a suit and speak politely to each fan at length, but make no mistake, the well-mannered actor/director, Crispin Hellion Glover (most widely known for his role as George McFly in 1985‘s highest grossing film, Back to the Future) does not leave much room for social graces in his artistic approach to film. For [...]

Daylight Savings

Come by Mercury Lounge tonight, November 15, and check out the band The Daylights, in from Los Angeles. Part of the growing indie rock scene in LA, this band is fronted by twin brothers Ran and Ricky (yup) and backed by drummer Svend. Twins and a Svend! I mean, really – what more could you [...]

Sight Unseen Shop

SightUnseen, the online magazine devoted to all things design-y, has just launched their latest project, a shop featuring wearable art objects handmade from unusual materials such as copper, rope, powder coated steel, cork, silk, leather, and on and on. So far the artists are mostly known for other endeavors, like Iacoli & McAllister who make [...]