Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tin Roof Rusted

Colin Snapp and Daniel Turner have been collaborating under the name Jules Marquis for over a decade, putting on some amazing shows that find the extraordinary in the very mundane details of life- my favorite being a two hour loop of “good game,” the hand-slapping ritual that follows any high school sports game. Tonight with [...]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last week I found myself celebrating the Swedish Midsummer with friends in The Yard at Soho Grand, where Kanon Organic Vodka hosted a party. Though the idea of Midsummer always sounded so romantic to me – think wildflower wreathes, folk costumes, eating, drinking, and dancing in high heat- I never knew what a big deal [...]

Bodies is Summertime

Opening this week at Robin Rice Gallery is the annual photography show Summertime. Hung salon style, the work of 56 artists explore all the moments summer bring us. Artists include Bill Phelps, Benjamin Heller, Jose Picayo, Karine Laval, and Todd Burris, to name a few. The celebration of bodies being freed to explore environments highlight the [...]

Apocalypse Now

For some reason I like to compare things, everything. This means that I am the kind of person that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Give me a list of ten things and I could rank them in order of preference almost instantly. Dogs, books, laughter, 1.2…….9. I am not one [...]

In Conversation with Andria Crescioni

Designer Andria Crescioni marries tradition with innovation. Describing her work as “modern interpretations of traditional silhouettes – utilizing techniques from the past to create pieces for the present,” the recent graduate of Parsons School of Design creates contemporary garments informed by traditional artisan crafts and natural materials. Fresh from the completion of her Spring/Summer collection [...]

A Really Happy Pride Weekend for New York

When I got married a few years ago, we had to go to City Hall to apply for a license. There was a gay couple sitting on the next bench, applying for domestic partnership, and I felt so sad and so embarrassed that what they were filing for was different than what I was. Just [...]

Maria Minerva

Maria Juur, also known as Maria Minerva has made me a curious cat, so I presented her with some questions to satisfy my growing hunger. The outcome is some gourmet soul food for you. Click “Read More” for the interview. Photos by Marek Chorzepa.

La Biennale di Venezia, Italian Style

Giardini della Biennale. All images by Silvia Bergomi. This year the theme of La Biennale di Venezia is “Illuminazioni,” which lends an even-more-magical-than-usual atmosphere to a seminal exhibition and city already saturated with charm and decaying elegance. Surpass the masses and get to the heart of the matter: the creativity with these notes from a [...]

The Fist is Still Up

In conjunction with his month-long residency at The New Museum, Wu Tsang’s New York solo debut is showing at Clifton Benevento. The exhibit features work based on Tsang’s experiences with the Silver Platter, a Los Angeles bar that serves a community of predominately trans Latina women, and where Tsang also co-organized the performance night/party Wildness. He [...]

By the Smoke

Several weeks back, Gilt Taste managing editor Jennifer Pelka and our friend Ithai Schori gathered together members of the Dossier team and friends (including jewelery designer Anna Sheffield and stylist Michelle Cameron) at the Catskills home of photographer friend Dan Martensen to create Taste’s new Friday video series, By The Smoke. Taste (much like its brother and sister [...]