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Gaston Nogues and Benjamin Ball joined forces in 2004 and formed Ball-Nogues. In 2007 they won The Museum of Modern Arts PS1 Young Architects Program Competition and recently their work became part of the permanent collection of MoMA. Ball-Nogues work embodies monumental deterioration – personal humor, contemporary scenarios and nostalgic ideals. It is simultaneously rough, urban, [...]

Heavy Rays

Its happy space out time. Take a 15 minute trip into unknown landscapes and structures with our friend and Dossier collaborator Josh Slater. So sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt. You’ve never been on a ride like this before, with a producer who can rap and control the maestro. Original score by Sahra Motalebi.

Teen Vag

Tonight is the launch of teenVAG, a self-published zine featuring twelve female artists and their reinterpretation of the feminine coming of age and  each individual artist’s transition into womanhood. TeenVAG confounds the stereotypes of female sex appeal, eliminating the male whimsy through the portrayal of girls as their own ideal. Artists include Nina Hartmann, Sandy Kim, Maggie Lee, Kathy [...]

Converse Summer Kick-Off

A few weeks ago, I was in Portland. Upon my return to New York, the rainy weather left me feeling like I never left the Pacific Northwest – and I don’t mean that in a good way. Luckily, the rain forecast for this Tuesday never happened, and the sun came out just in time for Converse’s Summer Kick-Off [...]

Dirty Old Town

Dirty Old Town is a fairy tale set on the Bowery, the story of a man about to lose his business and his mind. That man, William Leroy, is the curmudgeonly owner of Billy’s Antiques and Props on Houston Street, a shop within a tent that is a throwback to another New York. That Billy’s has managed to stay [...]

Pretty Toney

Tony Stark puts it down. This is from back in the day but still holds true. Dedicated to the Gods and Earths. Oh, and I started collecting vintage Wallabees if anyone is interested in a collabo. Only smart dumb cats get at me.

Thug Life

I’ve watched Vice TV a few times and I am always impressed by the topics taken on by a magazine made famous for Dos and Don’ts. Right now they have an amazing video up about the Holy Thug Saints of Caracas, Venezuela. In a city where more than 100 murders are logged each weekend (14,000 [...]

20th Annual American Art Award and Groundbreaking Gala for the Whitney of the Future

Almost a year ago to the day, the Whitney Museum of American Art officially announced its plans to move from their Marcel Breuer-designed home at 945 Madison Avenue to Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.  It is a redefining moment for the institution, which currently is capable of exhibiting only a fraction of its massive collection of over [...]

Green & Wood

Siren is the first music video from L.A.-based photographer Magdalena Wosinka’s band Green & Wood. How can you watch this and not want to start a metal band? Now’s as good a time as any and oh, take that apocalypse!  

You Fancy, Huh?

Well, this is certainly one way to put a spring in your step: check out these custom Vans made for stylist Robert Verdi, the patterns culled from from his impressive collection of vintage Hermès scarves. If only it were an official collaboration, or if only I had such an insane amount of Hermès scarves. Either [...]