Monthly Archives: April 2011

Spectrum at Mallick Williams & Co.

Art enthusiasts braved the blustery wind and shockingly cold weather for the Spectrum opening last week. With promise to be a collection of overwhelming color palettes and vanguard methods, the sophomore show of this artists’ collective was a fantastic display of social, sexual and personal commentary. Featuring six artists utilizing a multitude of mediums and [...]

Endless Summer

Our friend photographer Flora Hanitijo has a show of work opening tonight at Bird in Williamsburg. Entitled Endless Summer, the show is about her attempts to capture that feeling. On the Bird blog she says: “I have been a nomad all my life and as a result, obsessed with collecting, remembering and preserving the minutia of [...]

Jonathan Zawada

Artist and Graphic Designer Jonathan Zawada is famous for his bold, conceptual works that have been used in music, publishing, fashion and corporate industries. Regularly teaming up with Modular record label, Jonathan has been quick to put his succinct stamp onto the collective. Jonathan has since created work for the likes of Nike, Warp records [...]

Best Mash-Up Ever

Should you be seeking some audiovisual inspiration, look no further than this awe-inspiring video Spike Jonze shot at a party and posted to his Opening Ceremony blog featuring a brilliant collaboration between Yo-Yo Ma and Los Angeles-based dancer Lil Buck. According to Jonze, “Someone who knows Yo-Yo Ma had seen Lil Buck on YouTube and [...]

Collapsible Anatomy

Michael Alan negotiates the space between the definite and the abstract. Working within the two-dimensional plane, Alan interprets the human figure and questions the real, embracing the abstractness and intangibility of relations between emotion and the body. Alan reimagines the space and structure of human anatomy, working with various images (layering, line work, faces, shapes, [...]

Slow And Low

Oh hi. Just in case you were wondering what would happen if the Beastie Boys were to drop a new single and shoot a video for it with basically everyone… wonder no more. Make Some Noise, off the album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, is classic on every level. Please enjoy it while I go [...]

April Mix

Every month, artist Sam Falls makes a mix and sends it out to a group of friends. He also shares the playlists as a monthly feature here. They are compiled from the daily mixes he makes in his studio while working and are deliberately unthemed. Click here to download the April mix.

PJ Harvey at Terminal 5

PJ Harvey performed at Terminal 5 in New York last night. I really dislike that venue so much I’ve pretty much stopped seeing shows there, but my friend Bill convinced me to go by reminding me how special her new album, Let England Shake, is. It was kind of a no-brainer after that, and I’m so [...]

If You Have Eyes, Look At This Now

I just had to, I mean- why wouldn’t I? It’s Tuesday but I say, I don’t give a damn about a hater. Meet Karmin, a cover-band out of Boston featuring Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan- the two met at Berklee School of Music and have gone on to become overnight sensations from this video, which has [...]

Manhattan Mini-Storage

I don’t usually feel like ad campaigns are talking to me, but over the past few months I’ve found myself noticing, and loving, Manhattan Mini-Storage’s campaign. In addition to making me laugh, it’s made me feel real pride that New York is the kind of place where an advertising campaign like this could actually bring [...]