Monthly Archives: April 2010

Battle of the Museum Parties

Admittedly, I’m not always quick to cross the East River for a party. But when the Brooklyn Museum and Manhattan’s New Museum held their annual spring galas on the same night last week, I crossed it twice. My first stop was the Brooklyn Museum, where food artist Jennifer Rubbel created an orgiastic feast for all [...]

Leslie Buck

Leslie Buck passed away this week at the age of 87. Born in 1922 in what was then Czechoslovakia, he survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald, where his parents were killed, and came to New York after the war. He started a paper goods company with his brother Eugene and in the 1960′s set out to corner [...]

Scott Cambell If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long

Tonight is the opening of Scott Cambell’s first solo show in NY, “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” from 6-8 at OH WOW in NY, 109 Crosby Street (between Prince & Houston) New York, NY 10012.

Skrapper at The Hudson Hotel

Text and images by Seana Cavanagh and Elizabeth Gates Designers, models and stoners alike found a temporary home beneath the surface of Manhattan’s Hudson Hotel at the Good Units bar, where they fêted Skrapper, a fashion line founded by Soho artist/Warhol exhibition alum William Quigley and designer/photographer Katie Theofilos. The brand’s tees are a refreshing [...]

Jean Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child

Tamra Davis’ documentary The Radiant Child is an intimate look into the destiny of the great artist Jean Michel Basquiat. Twenty years following his death, Davis has released previously unseen interview footage she filmed with her friend in 1983. He was at the height of his fame but only two years shy of death (by [...]

Angela Boatwright X Lizzi Bougatsos

New York photographer Angela Boatwright and her friend  Lizzi Bougatsos make some shapes for Dossier. Click “Read More” for additional images.

Controversial M.I.A. Video Banned From YouTube

The graphic video for M.I.A.’s most recent single, “Born Free,” prompted its controversial ban by YouTube earlier today due to excessive violence. The unexpected decision to debar the video from what is generally considered a relatively open space for video and image sharing has brought on the circulation of a surge of comments and varying [...]

The Newspaper Series

Last weekend, I finally made it to The Newspaper Series at Film Forum. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels nostalgic for a time when a newspaperman was newspaperman and print was the main currency – or to anyone who simply enjoys a double feature on a rainy afternoon. I saw Nothing Sacred and [...]

Adeline Adeline Opening Party

Last week, Pete Miszuk and I co-hosted the opening of Adeline Adeline, a new bike shop on Reade Street in Tribeca. I’ve always been a bit of a bike enthusiast, but my favorite bike is always one that looks as good as it rides, a notion that owner, Julie Hirschfeld, has turned into something of [...]

Video Collage

I recently came across both of these videos and I thought you all might enjoy them. The first is “Blue Monday” by New Order (ca. 1988). Though I vividly remember the futuristic video for Orgy’s cover of this tune (think lots of white lipstick and weird green lasers), I had never seen the original. The [...]