Monthly Archives: August 2009

Armsrock – A Horrible Jungle

Armsrock is a hunter and gatherer. A hunter and gatherer of photos, newspaper clippings, images, impressions, of information in general. The artist sits enthroned on this towering inferno of human remnants called archives and tries to see beyond the madness in order to share his point of view with you. Yes, you! Armsrock’s work can [...]

Henry Wolfe & Oliwa at Joe’s Pub

Henry Wolfe, formerly of NYC Indie rock band Bravo Silva and now based out of LA, performed at Joe’s Pub last Friday to a captive audience. Wolfe, gifted with some of his mother Meryl Streep’s stage talent, kept the audience in a trance with his sweet voice, swaying body, and gently waving arms. He performed his first set solo, with [...]

Science is Fiction – Le Vampire by Jean Painlevé

Saturday at the South London Cultural Centre

Tomorrow there is a full day of activities at the South London Cultural Centre. First there will be the third installment of Street Stalls from 12-5 selling bread, haircuts, and lemonade, and featuring a Spongebob workshop by Viniita Moran of Owl Cave.  Then from 6-9 there will be a private view for Ben Burgis and Adam [...]

Starr Space

Organized by curator Joseph Whitt, this event will feature full live sets by Excepter, Omega Jarden, Figure Study and Follower, as well as accompanying video projections by artists Joanna Bovay and Jon Williams. Doors open at 9:00 P.M. Show starts at 10:00 P.M. Cost is $7.00 at the door.  Click “Read More” for the flyer. [...]

Mysterious Letters

This past April, artists Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe sent out personal letters to each of the 467 households in the town of Cushendall, Northern Ireland, where they had done a two week residency. The artists kept a blog with scans of the unsolicited letters – each one unique, with its own message, stationary, and [...]

Joke of the Night

So, a guy is walking through the woods, and all of a sudden he hears a gunshot and hears a bullet go whizzing past his ear. He quickly realizes it’s hunting season, and tries to announce his presence to the shooter, “I’m not a deer!” he screams. He continues walking, and again, another gunshot. This [...]

Updates at nofoundproject

There are many updates over at nofoundproject, the photography blog from Paris curated by Emeric Glayse. New photographers featured include Peter Zachary Voelker and Rasha Kahil, whose series Poses was featured in Dossier last month.  The above image is from Todd Fisher’s contribution.

A turntable, a mixer and twin nature: sound artist Maria Chavez

When Maria Chavez decided in 2005 that her performances would no longer be recorded, she was taking a radical stance. In the age of documentation, we hardly differentiate between the recorded event and the event itself. As though gifted with an ability to “play back” time, we watch a video, see a photo, or listen to an audio file, [...]

Dossier Issue 4

It seems completely crazy to us, but the fourth issue of Dossier is at the printer right now and will be coming out in less than three weeks. As usual, we have a mix of disparate people involved in interesting ways, from an interview with Miranda July, accompanied by her sketches, to portraits of Alia [...]