Monthly Archives: July 2009

Summer Screenings at Canada

For the next three nights, Canada gallery on Chrystie St. will be continuing their screenings of a wide-variety of artist films.  The entire schedule can be seen on their website. The still above is from Lenka Chludová’s As fast and for as long as possible, which will be screening on Friday night (the 31st).

Life in a Koolhaas

One of the highlights of Boule to Braid, the excellent show curated by Richard Wentworth currently showing at London’s Lisson Gallery, is Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoîne’s film Koolhaas Houselife.  Set in Rem Koolhaas‘ ”Maison à Bordeaux”, completed in 1998, the camera follows the villa’s live-in housekeeper and an assortment of maintenance men as they clean and [...]

X: The Multiples Exhibition at Glowlab

Tonight Soho’s Glowlab is holding the opening reception for its latest production, X: The Multiples Exhibition, from 7-9. The group show will function as a tapestry, threading together the work of thirteen artists by concept and medium (including photography, screenprinting, sculpture, performance, and publication). As its title suggests, the exhibition examines the intersection of thirteen separate [...]

Turku Modern – Renaissance Man

Being middle class and Scandinavian prepares one for a bleak future.  However two Helsinki DJs, Downtown and Jaxxon, made it through the jungle, although without house music they would already be dead or in lower management – or both.  Their collaborative project Renaissance Man, is one of the highlights of  Turku Modern, a new electronic [...]

Hollywood in Needlepoint and Lace

Situated on the western slope of Capitol Hill in Seattle you’ll find Cairo Gallery, currently hosting Brooklyn-based artist Amelia Bauer in her solo show titled STILL.  I went ahead and checked out her work online before the show and was impressed by her wide range of artistic craft. While I sort of knew what to expect, I must suggest [...]

LA Scene: Mr. Lim Goes to Town

This month the CFDA award-wining designer celebrated the one-year anniversary of his West Hollywood store. Located on the infamous Robertson Blvd., just a few blocks up from the sidewalks lined with numerous high fashion driven storefronts and paparazzi awaiting a glimpse of someone camera worthy, stands 3.1 Phillip Lim, provoking intrigue with its both luminous [...]

A New Deal for Artists? Get paid this Friday night by The Work Office

With its blue linoleum floor and rotary phone, the drab office at 112 West 44th Street has the trappings of a bureaucratic agency, but instead the enterprise is pumping out a stimulus package for artists. Through July 26, the storefront hosts The Work Office, a project started by Brooklyn-based artists Katarina Jerinic and Naomi Miller. [...]

The Fight of the Down and Out – James Ensor at the MOMA

Long before expressionism fell into the public light, there was James Ensor. With his manic mints, feverish reds, and haunting, often masked figures, eating, fighting, parading, and laughing demonically, Ensor was a late nineteenth century eccentric and occasional visionary. Seeing the 120 paintings included at the MOMA’s exhibition of the artist’s work, there is a notable sense of urgency and [...] Open Access, a publisher of many of the most exciting new voices in contemporary philosophy, has recently begun publishing some of its more academic works under an  open access license, meaning the books can be downloaded free of charge from their website. Three of their recent releases – Graham Harman’s Prince of Networks on the French [...]

So much to do. So little Saturday – Terrible Records

Our friends Chris and Ethan and their friends… Music by: Class Actress (LIVE at 11 pm upstairs) Free Energy (LIVE at 12 am downstairs) Ethan and Chris (Grizzly Bear) (Terrible Records) Riton (DJ Set) JDH & Dave P (Fixed) Daryl Palumbo (Head Automatica) Nick Hook (Cubic Zirconia) Alex English (Resident DJ) Hosted by: Miranda Levitt [...]