Monthly Archives: April 2009

C.H.U.D.Z. at Cinders Gallery

If there’s an opening at Williamsburg’s Cinders gallery, be prepared for some cute stuff. The works collected here usually have a crafty, airy feel about them, and the latest exhibition–comprised of collages, drawings and paintings by Alex Barry, Richard Colman and Josh Slater–is no exception. The three artists are pals whose work is inspired by [...]

Anthem’s ‘Bone to Party’

Our friends at Anthem are holding a benefit show under the banner of ‘Bone To Party,’ in aid of DKMS, the world’s largest bone marrow donor center. The show goes down at Santos’ Party House in lower Manhattan on May 9 from 7-10 p.m. and features performances from some of our faves, including Cale Parks, [...]

Iko Iko, Let’s Go

Last Saturday night, on a lonely stretch of Sunset Boulevard in between Echo Park and Los Angeles’s downtown, the new showroom and art space, Iko Iko, opened for business. Located in a building complex with mostly “For Rent” notices in the other windows, Iko Iko’s hot pink letter signage and sizeable crowd leaking from the [...]

Evas Arche and Jay Israelson

The piano zaps me faster than a microwave. It makes my heart melt instantly. Sunday night was one of those blissful New York spring evenings on the rooftop at Gavin Brown Enterprise. Hosted by the lovely Evas Arche und der Feminist, it was a light crowd, cheap drinks and elegant minimalist sculptures by Peter Kortmann. [...]

Shape Shifting. George as Jorge.

If you’re thinking, “that dude looks like he’s from the eighties,” it’s because the man you are watching perform is — but the song he is singing is not. Caroline Polachek, the lead singer of Chairlift, edited and re-shot the newest music video by fellow Brooklyn band Violens using purely vintage footage of George Michael. [...]

Paris’ Deyrolle Rises from the Ashes

By the time Freemans brought taxidermy to the Manhattan masses, Deyrolle had already been using dead animals to woo clients for over 170 years. Established in 1831, Paris’ much-loved temple to taxidermy (and other “natural curiosities”) is, for many Parisians, a place where childhood dreams—and a few nightmares—come to life. When a fire consumed the [...]

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Jazz Fest–the name puts some people off. But the full name–New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival–still doesn’t begin to describe the seven days of music that takes over New Orleans for two long weekends at the end of April (this year’s festival runs from April 24-26, resuming April 30-May 3). There’s more music than you [...]

Awesome Iowa

The picture above is of a couple who were married today in Iowa. Iowa started issuing marriage licenses today to same-sex couples following their State Supreme Court ruling earlier this month that the ban on gay marriages violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution (duh). So now if you’re gay and you want to [...]

Robert Longo at Metro Pictures

Robert Longo’s last show in New York, “Children of Nyx” (2007), comprised a series of sleeping infants rendered in charcoal. Circling the room, the viewer tip-toed as if in a nursery, afraid to disturb the quietude. Longo’s newest show, which opened at Metro Pictures last Thursday, is not so intimate: instead of dreaming children we [...]

Songs of Bobby Long

Bobby Long is the real deal. At the ripe old age of 22, this London-based singer/songwriter has already contributed to the soundtrack of a blockbuster film, released a chart-climbing single and amassed an adoring international fan-base. Until recently, his career revolved around bedroom-recording sessions and open mic nights, but all that changed after a chance [...]