Monthly Archives: August 2008

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?

Is it wrong to want to sleep with a pair of jeans? What if they’re French? What if they’ve been hugging your legs all day? I recently picked up a couple of pairs of April 77 Records jeans at the Barney’s Warehouse Sale here in NYC, and I can’t help but spend every minute of [...]

Faxination at Loyal in Stockholm

If you’re in Stockholm tonight, stop by Loyal gallery for the opening of Faxination and the release party for Loyal Magazine’s tenth issue. There’ll be a “Wall of Fax” — the gallery is literally papered with fax machine-created works on paper, and a fax machine will be on hand for spontaneous art-making, if one is [...]

Rapid Response at Studio-X

Tuesday night was the inaugural event for Rapid Response, a new series at Studio-X in New York that will be held through the fall, on the last Tuesday of every month. Billing itself as “an open and undetermined platform for quick response to events that have transpired over the last thirty days,” Rapid Response is [...]

Soft Circle tonight at LIT

Check out our friend Hisham Bharoocha aka Soft Circle tomorrow (Wednesday, August 27th), at 9:00 at LIT. Blanko & Noiry (Frank Haines and Chris Kachulis), Drawlings (Abby Portner of Rings solo) and Lone Wolf (Ryan Sawyer solo) also perform. Six bucks. See you there.

‘Summer Reading’ at Capricious

Capricious is legendary for its publishing prowess: From Capricious Magazine, to Girls Like Us and Can’t Be Famous magazines, they’ve created a publishing mini-empire. Now they’ve transformed their gallery-fronted office space at 103 Broadway (between Bedford and Berry) in Williamsburg into a sun-drenched library, with an exhibition called “Summer Reading.” On view until September 21st, [...]

A little self-diagnosis for fall

Distracted, hyperactive, impulsive — symptoms of the average New Yorker, right? It’s also a list symptoms of A.D.D., which happens to be my new favorite clothing line in Berlin. And now that the coveted line will make its NY debut this fall at Still Life, you, too, can have A.D.D.

After Nature

For all of its melancholic overtones and stomach-turning curios, After Nature at the New Museum is an exceptionally fun place to be drunk. And why not? The apocalypse isn’t exactly something that one should face sober.

Cloud the Exclusive

Last week I called Dirty Projectors the best band currently making music; this week I write about someone once picked to open for them.

Does Your Soul Have A Cold?

If you’ve been wondering what Mike Mills has been up to since his feature film Thumbsucker debuted in 2005, some of your questions can now be answered.

Sound Advice

Words of wisdom from A.P.C. designer Jean Touitou courtesy of JJJJound.