Monthly Archives: July 2008

Vice Photo Show

Last December I picked up my copy of The Vice Photo Book and was not surprised to find that it was a pretty dope book (and it also happens to contain a photo by a certain photographer kind enough to lend it to us for our READ page). That book helped me catch up on [...]

From the Dossier Bookshelf: Who Can Save Us Now?

So, you went to see The Dark Knight, but still feel the deep need for a superhero or two in your life? Pick up a copy of the new superhero-themed anthology Who Can Save Us Now?, edited by writers Owen King and John McNally. The book has 22 stories, each of them about a brand-new [...]

David Byrne Plays the Building

I know you probably heard about this already, but it’s still going on and it looks pretty amazing. I’m really only bringing it up to say “Damn, David Byrne is still doing amazing stuff after 30 years.”

Celebrating the Summer at 303

Early Wednesday evening, art world folk of all shapes and sizes came together to celebrate 303 Gallery‘s 25th Anniversary at their new space in Chelsea. Artists, musicians, actors, models, hoteliers — and yes, even lowly interns! — reveled in the night’s many provided activities; although I was initially disappointed by the lack of any artwork [...]

Present Wave

Photo by Laura Levine Running back and forth, up and down within our tiny boxes of head space, it is easy to forget we live in one of the coolest and cutting-edge cities in the world. Years before moving to New York City, my friends and like-minded contemporaries would consume our late nights listening to [...]

The Way to Ear Park

2000: Department of Eagles begins as the dorm room project of roommates Dan Rosen and Fred Nicolaus at NYU. I am 12 years old. 2003: Department of Eagles release their debut album, The Cold Nose. I am a sophomore in high school, and my friend Brett and I stumble upon the album (which we actually [...]

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Lomography is the cute cousin of photography who yells “just shoot!” when the photographer is deliberating over the perfect angle. For Lomo, it’s not about aperture or shutter speed or depth of field or composition; it’s not about thinking. It’s about, well, shooting. The official Lomo motto is “don’t think, just shoot.” As you can [...]

Seven Star Gallery Open in Berlin

This historic house, which used to be a brothel, is now a meeting for photography and fashion. The recently opened Seven Star Gallery combines a fashion boutique, internationally recognized masters, avant-garde photography, and previously unpublished limited edition prints and oversized formats.

Home Delivery… Starting with the Universe

One of the great American visionaries of the twentieth century, R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) endeavored to see what he, a single individual, might do to benefit the largest segment of humanity while consuming the minimum of the earth’s resources. Doing “more with less” was Fuller’s credo. He described himself as a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist,” [...]

Outsider Poet Comes Inside

"Kay Ryan, Outsider With Sly Style, Named Poet Laureate" was, at the end of last week, #9 on the New York Times 10 most e-mailed articles list. Apparently there is a large crossover between lovers of verse and readers of the Gray Lady. According to my poet world contact, Ryan is an “unsentimental choice.” He [...]